Going Home

My back was such a wreck after 5 days in the torture bed at the hospital that I couldn’t even sit in a chair without excruciating pain. I was wondering how I was going to deal with being wheeled out of the hospital holding my baby because I could barely sit still for 30 seconds without burning, awful pain. But I had no choice, as that’s how you have to leave.

DH went to go get the car and pull it into the turn-around, and the nurse started wheeling me and the Fry out.  Everywhere we went we encountered people who could see we were a new mom and baby going home, and they would lean over and say “aww” and “oh, what a cute baby,” and I was smiling and trying not to cry because it was so nice.  This old man got into the elevator with us and I was patting the Fry and looking at him, and he leaned over and said, “You’re already a great mom,” and that was it, I was crying.  I cried the whole way out, with all the volunteers and tour groups and everyone wishing us well the whole journey.

We got down to the turn-around and the security guard said he would help DH get the car seat in.  Well, he brought the seat in but we could NOT figure out how to loosen the straps!  We had practiced getting the seat in and out of the car and with buckling and unbuckling it, but hadn’t messed with the straps and they were too tight to put the Fry in! The volunteer who wheeled me down and the security guard both tried to figure it out, but we were stumped.  Finally the guard remembered something and tried it and it worked! Then we were on our way.

It was a super hot and sunny day and I sat in the back seat with the Fry, who was sleeping away as if he hadn’t a care in the world.  DH has never driven so carefully or nicely as he did on the way home, and we cracked the windows so we could all have a little fresh air to go with the sunshine.  I kept the Fry’s skin covered up so he wouldn’t get cold (though there wasn’t much danger of that) or sunburned.

It was so good to be home, I felt like I had been gone for a year.  I was just so glad to be out of there and out of that painful BED and home and alive with my Fry.  DH went in the kitchen to fix us some lunch and I just sat back on the (COMFY!) couch with the Fry on my chest and tried to relax and take everything in.  We sat there for almost an hour, just relaxing and the Fry sleeping and all of a sudden, I felt this sort of crampy feeling under my arms.  OMG! My milk!!!  I was so excited, I tried to nurse him right away and it was dripping everywhere, it was a great feeling.

The Fry was a very sleepy baby.  We had to work for 2 weeks on BFing as he just couldn’t wake up to eat.  I had great help from my sister and my LLL people who gave us great tips on how to get things going.  It was definitely hard and I lost a lot of sleep as we had to keep waking the Fry up to try to get him to eat every couple of hours or else he would just sleep all day and night, and then one day he started getting it, from there it went like gangbusters.


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