Trying to find shoes to wear my post-baby feet is Not Fun.  I can’t find anything I like in any store I’ve been to, and trying things on with a small baby in tow is just not happening. But I need some decent looking shoes to go back to work.  Everything I have feels too small now and is ugly and worn out on top of it.

So I ordered 2 pairs I really liked from an online site.  I was hoping they would come before I have to go back and they arrived today!  They are the same shoe, one in black, one in brown.  I put one on and ow, too small.  I was going to send them back for a bigger size and when I went online to process the return, it pulled up my current order and I saw that I had inadvertently ordered the 2nd pair in a WW in my size.  So I pulled out the 2nd pair and put one on they were actually a little too big!  But sooo close.  So I exchanged both pairs for my size but in a W. I bet they’ll fit.

Not going to have them for work next week, but I thought I could at least get up to the PO before they closed so I could return them and start the exchange so maybe I’ll have the new ones in another week (hopefully).  So I printed  off my packing slip and shipping label (free returns), got everything ready so the fry could go out: changed diaper, put in bouncy seat, put on Moby wrap, put on some tennis shoes, by this time he FINALLY had his poop for the day, so changed diaper again, and also had to change his outfit, put him in the wrap so I could have my hands free to take the box out, and drove to the PO.

But the cuntess working behind the counter would not spare me one freaking piece of packing tape to tape up the box, told me I’d have to buy a roll on the wall. I was SUPER pissed.  I left, drove to office max next door and went in and bought packing tape and came back and dropped it off to the guy next to her, giving her a really dirty look.  I was all set to tell her I went next door to buy my fucking packing tape, call her a whore and tell her how  I would use UPS next time in hopes of her eventually losing her job due to lack of business.  But since she wasn’t my teller, I just dropped it off, shot her a dirty look and left.  BITCH.


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