Shoes and such

Well, I finally got a message that the shoes I wanted to exchange are no longer available in my size.  I ordered them today from a different shoe site, where of course they were even more money than on the first site.  These shoes better fit and be awesome, this is way more than I usually spend on shoes but I desperately need something that fits, is comfortable and looks dressy enough for work.

The Fry was once again very fretful last night.  His schedule is off and is changing and it’s hard to figure out what’s best to do with him. He is really fussy most of the night and just wants me to hold him a lot.  Poor little guy misses his mommy.  He fell asleep after one feeding on the “boob pillow” as I call it – he plops his head right up on it like a pillow when he’s done, and once he was asleep DH took him away to try to get him down in the crib.  He woke up as soon as he was removed from laying with me, screaming bloody murder.  Poor thing. 

He is eating like every 2 hours once I get home, which is much more frequently than he was eating before I went back to work.  So my supply has increased and I had to wake up in the night to pump.  I just took the pump into the bedroom and stood next to the bed to do it.  Kitty was looking at me curiously and smelling the apparatus.  I think she knows what’s going on there.  When I was finished, the Fry gave out a sudden, single, loud cry and I felt really guilty, like geez, he knows I’m making milk for him and it should be going in his mouth instead of into a plastic bag to put in the freezer and reheat and give to him in a bottle by someone who is not his mommy.  I know that’s not why he woke up, but that’s how I felt, it was depressing.  I had trouble getting back to sleep as once I pumped and cleaned everything up and bagged and froze the milk, I was wide awake and it was barely 3am.  I petted kitty til she purred and put my head next to her back so I could fall asleep to the purring, it was about the only thing that made me feel better.


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