end of first week

Well, in retrospect, this week was tougher on the Fry than it was on me.  The dread I had leading up to this past Monday was so huge it was like a boulder hanging over me.  And leaving the first day was very hard.  But I haven’t had that much trouble adjusting to actually being at work, it feels kind of normal for me.  DH, who is taking care of the Fry this week via mandatory unpaid days off work (thanks, economy!), has been keeping me posted about 3x a day through email or by calling, and the Fry sounds like he’s doing fine so I don’t worry about it.  It will be much worse when he goes to the daycare lady’s house and is not only with someone he doesn’t know at all but is in completely unfamiliar surroundings.

His sleep schedule is still completely out of whack.  It’s been way harder on my poor little Fry this week than on me, except in the sleep department, where I am hurting, big time.  My boy was just starting to sleep through the night about 50% of the time, and when he did wake up, it was only once and we were able to get him back down without feeding him. All that has gone out the window.  He takes forever to get down for the night and then wakes up like every 2 hours.  He’s fine during the day and acts normal, so I don’t think it’s another growth spurt, he’s just really not liking not having his Mommy around.  He eats like every 2 hours when I’m home and we spend the evening together and I think he just gets all amped up and can’t sleep, even though he’s very tired. We’ve tried putting him down earlier but he just screams and screams and you can’t get him to stay asleep.  We spend 2-3 hours each night trying to get him to sleep, which is almost my whole evening.  It sucks.  I get home, feed him, have maybe a half hour to play/talk with him and then we start trying to get him ready for bed. Yesterday I really got to exhaust him as DH took a nap and the Fry was wide awake, so we did tummy time twice, read a shapes book, he sat in his bouncer and watched me clean the kitchen, all kinds of stuff.  He laid on his back and I played with him grabbing a toy I held above him for like a half hour straight, and he was kicking and kicking and very energetic the whole time.  I thought he’d sleep great but he woke up at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:15.  I finally gave up at 3:30 and just took him from DH and fed him and then we went to sleep together on the couch til 5:30.  Not a very restful night for me.  Poor little Fry.  He needs his mommy.

Sure hope we win the $207M lottery tonight, but that’s obviously not something I can count on so I’ll have to do it all again next week.


2 thoughts on “end of first week

  1. I hope that the coming week is easier sleep-wise for you and the Fry. I’m a wreck without an uninterupted night of sleep so I can only imagine what it is like for you.

    • Things got a little better over the weekend but last night was bad again. I woke him up and fed him at 10:30 and then went to bed. He woke up around 1 and DH went in and got him back to sleep. Then I woke up at 3:30 so engorged I thought I’d explode so I got up and took care of that with the pump and tried to go back to sleep. Barely back to sleep and at almost 4:30 he woke up screaming, so I fed him and tried to get him back to sleep, finally asleep by 5 so I tried to get another 45 minutes of sleep. Had a TERRIBLE nightmare about driving on a highway in the mountains and trying to avoid an accident – some truck was swerving to avoid hitting a deer and I tried to go around him to avoid smashing into him, fishtailed and my car went sailing over the embankment. I remember frantically trying to get to my cell phone in my purse as the car fell so I could call and tell my Mom goodbye before I crashed down and died. I then started saying to myself, in the dream, “It’s just a dream, it’s not real” and I woke up right then, sweating. So much for a good night’s sleep. But I am glad that wasn’t real.

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