flexibility = some improvements

Since I’ve gone back to work, we had to abandon our attempts to get the Fry to sleep through the night, as everything was just out of whack for him and it wasn’t working.  I really think he has just been missing his mommy and when he wakes up in the night, he’s just really lonely because he doesn’t see us all day and I think it’s mean to just ignore him or try hard to quickly get him back to sleep.  So we’ve abandoned the 11pm “dream feed.”  He last eats around 7 or 8 and then we get him down for bed and then whenever he wakes up after that, I will wake up and feed him. It’s usually around 1.  Then I put him back down.  He usually wakes up again around 3 or 4 (or both) but DH is able to get him back down with some brief cuddling and rocking, and then he and I get up at 5 as we’re supposed to.  He eats and then I get ready for work.  It’s working out.  I have to go to bed at like 9 however in order to make up for the lack of sleep in the night and for getting up at like 5, and working out is just non-existent right now.  I lifted at home for like 15 minutes the other day and other than the walking and stairs during my commute, that’s all I’ve been able to accomplish in terms of a workout since I’ve gone back to work. 

I hope that fairly soon he will even out a little bit more and give up the waking up at 3 and/or 4 and just have the once a night feeding.  If that becomes predictable, I could at least go get a half hour of cardio in at 8 and then come home and go to sleep.  Unfortunately, the Fry’s schedule is in for one more change before it becomes settled, when he starts with daycare 2 days/week next week, so that will probably mess him up further and it will be awhile before he gets a routine established. 

I’m so worried about how he will do at a stranger’s house with someone taking care of him who he doesn’t know at all, who has 2 other little ones to look after (her own 2 boys, who are 5 and I think 18 months or so).  I mean, I feel better about sending him to her house than to a daycare center where there’d be 20 kids and maybe 2 caregivers, but it’s still going to really freak me out wondering how he is doing, if he’s safe, if he’s eating, if the other kids are poking at him or keeping him up when he should be napping, etc.  He’ll just have to adjust.  And so will I.


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