2 weeks – done!

I made it through the first 2 weeks back to work. I am even busier than ever during the daybecause they restructured my department while I was on leave – one more person is gone so we all have even more work to do.  I’m so busy during the day I honestly don’t have a lot of time to dwell on the Fry.  Sometimes I almost forget to pump, but so far that’s going pretty well too.  It doesn’t take very much time and my supply doesn’t seem to have suffered as of yet, I sure hope that continues.  It’s sad to think that in just a few more months he will nurse one or two times less per day than he already does, on his journey to eventually not nursing at all, whenever that happens.  I am hoping to make it to at least a year, if not a little bit longer.

The Fry hates the trip home from Grandma’s.  He is tired by the end of the day, missing me and not wanting to be where he is, and then getting strapped into the car seat, which he hates, and having to sit in traffic to get home is just not his idea of fun.  Twice last week he had major meltdowns and I was stuck on the freeway with no way to comfort him.  The crying itself doesn’t bother me as in “irritate,” but it just makes me feel so bad for him and so guilty that I just want to cut off my arm.  I picture pulling into the illegal shoulder and driving at 90mph past all the stopped traffic. “But my baby is having hysterics, officer!”  Wouldn’t be much of an excuse though, so I don’t do it.  Once the weather starts getting bad I am going to have to hang out at Grandma’s before taking off because I’d rather sit there with him than sit on the freeway, and if I wait a little while, it will be better.  Usually.

This week the Fry starts at the home daycare lady’s house – we’ll call her Indira for purposes of this blog (she is an American married to an Indian).  I have great faith in Indira and like her a lot but it’s still going to kill me to take the Fry there.  He has only been over there once and it was just for a brief visit.  He doesn’t know her, or the surroundings, and he will be stuck there all day.  I just know he’s going to freak and I worry  he won’t sleep or eat.  On the plus side, on the days the Fry is there, she will only have her other 2 small boys to take care of – one is 5 and the other is about 19 months. She also has a teenager but he obviously won’t be home until about 3.  DH is going to handle pick-up from her place as she lives close to where we live and he gets here berfore I do – each 15 minutes he is there costs more money, so this will be cheaper.  So this week I start the crazy schedule of MWF I take the Fry to Grandma’s, and TH I take him to Indira’s, and I only pick him up on MWF.  It will be a very chaotic couple of weeks til I get the schedule down and I don’t imagine the Fry is going to like it much either. For now, we have continued to forget about trying to get him to sleep through the night, we will try again once he is used to the new schedule withe Indira and her family for 2 days, Grandma for the other 3 days.

We are having some good quality time on nights and weekends but starting next week I have got to get back to the gym, so I laid out a schedule for me and DH so we can take turns going on different nights.  This way I won’t feel like I’m missing out too much on time with him if I take a couple of nights each week, and it will enable us both to have alone time with the Fry. We can have together time with him on weekends.

We have made several restaurant trips with him lately and it’s gone better than ever.  He is finally at the age that everyone says that it’s great to take them out, because they just play quietly or sleep most of the time, and when he’s fussy, he is calmed down pretty easily.  Every time we take him anywhere people fuss over how cute he is.  I’m sure they do that with all babies, but I really just think he’s amazingly cute and am glad others do too.

Between the new drop off/pick up schedule and incorporating the gym into my week while still getting up at least once a night if not twice, I ought to be pretty exhausted by next weekend, don’t even know if I’ll be able to blog at all this week.  At least next weekend is a holiday weekend so we’ll have 3 days with the Fry.


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