Teething Fry?

I think the small fry is teething.  I know it’s “early” (though there are at least a dozen or so moms on my May 09 mommies board online whose little ones are already sprouting teeth), but he is showing all the classic signs of it.  This unfortunately includes erratic sleep patterns so I didn’t get much sleep this weekend and last night was the worst, and here it is Monday again. He was up almost every 2 hours last night. I went in at 3am to try to get him to go back to sleep and he was wide awake.  When he saw me, he got this huge grin and was so excited and happy that it looked like an electric shock went through him.  When he does this, he’s absolutely irresistable.  I brought him out on the couch and he was making the Snoopy talk the whole way out (when he’s happy, his babble sounds like Snoopy talking.  When he’s angry, he sounds like the Tasmanian Devil).  He nursed a bit more and went back to sleep.  My poor  boobs took a beating this weekend with him nursing so much more often.  I can’t really look at him any more when he eats because when I look down at him, he smiles and laughs and thus quits nursing, and I have to keep telling him to quit smiling and eat and putting him back on.  So it’s better if I don’t look at him, or else we both end up just laughing and smiling and playing this little game of back and forth instead of him actually eating.  He is just a doll.

Several months before I got PG I started going to an acupuncturist because of back pain.  I had also heard it could help with fertility, even increasing the odds of success with IVF so when we started going through the fertility tretaments, I figured it couldn’t hurt to keep it going.  Late into the pregnancy the acu just quit working – probably because I couldn’t lay down on my stomach to receive the treatments anymore and probably partly because of the Fry and how he was pressing on my back from the inside, so I quit going and resumed treatments after he was born.  The sad news is that it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve had several sessions since I had the Fry and my back pain is really not being alleviated at all anymore, whereas it was COMPLETELY gone prior to getting PG (I have a structural problem back there that is not correctable). 

One of the side benefits that I got from the acu pre-pregnancy was complete alleviation of my arthritis symptoms.  I had started to get really bad arthritis pain in my  hands, to the point where even lifting things like putting away dinner plates could be tough (we have heavy plates).  Lifting weights was almost completely out of the question and is part of why I quit lifting.  Yoga also hurt, because of all the stuff you do with your hands on the ground.  So I was really pleased when I had the unexpected side effect of the acu taking away ALL of my arthritis pain.  Sad face – now that the acu is no longer working on my back, the arthritis pain started to come back about 2 weeks ago, and now it is back full force where it used to be.  For awhile, I was going to bed with my hands slathered in aspercreme and with gloves on, but I can’t really do that now that I am feeding the Fry in the night, plus I don’t know what absorbing that cream into my skin could do to him, so I’m kind of out of options. And you can’t really take anti-inflammatories while you’re nursing, just Tylenol.  I am seriously bummed.  My acu doctor theorizes that the c-section surgery cut some kind of meridians and caused an injury to the body and that my chi is all messed up or something, and suggests next session we actually needle around and in the c-section scar.  I don’t care where we stick needles, as long as they start working.  I am also going to have to start going back to my PM&R doctor for steriod injections in my back because I’m not getting any relief from the acu any longer and am in a lot of  back pain, all the time.  Makes carrying the Fry around rather difficult.

This morning when I dropped off the Fry at my Mom’s, she said he has been looking like he’s a little swollen around the eyes.  I don’t see it, though of course this could be because he’s not been getting a lot of solid sleep. But I wonder if it could also be allergies, as he has had a stuffy nose for like 2 weeks now, which I thought was a cold. Then again, that can also be teething-related so who knows.


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