The Fry is sick :(

This is all about poop, so if you don’t care about baby poop, don’t read.  🙂

I should have known something was up when his T-Th provider said he had 3 blowout poops and she had to go through all his outfits that I sent with her.My Mom, who takes care of him MWF, also said he seemed much more fussy than usual this week and more cranky. I thought this was all due to the teething.  I still think he is/was teething but the symptoms he showed that seemed like teething are almost gone now and no tooth has popped, so I think maybe the teeth are just moving up under the gums, may not pop a tooth for awhile yet.

Typically, at least to the best of my knowledge since I am only with the fry 2 whole days each week, he poops once or twice a day. Sometimes when he eats a lot he poops 3x, like he used to when he was really small, but he has even gone a whole day with no poops.  Well, yesterday he pooped twice before noon, I should have known he wasn’t well.  He showed no other signs of being ill in any way, and I took him out and we ran errands and he was a really good boy.  Other than me dropping the diaper bag in BRU and the contents spilling everywhere and me trying to pick them up while he was in the wrap (not easy), it was a pretty good outing. I thought he was really sleepy by the time we got home as he had really missed his nap, he just dozed in the car a little, but he wouldn’t go down for the nap.  So after he fussed and screamed awhile I just gave up and got him unswaddled and we hung out some more.  He had another poop and then we fixed an early dinner.  We sat down to dinner and while we were eating, the fry next to us in his bouncy chair, he made another poop!  I was like, “are you kidding?” I couldn’t believe he would have 4 poops in one day.  I went to change it and as with the others, it looked watery but otherwise completely normal.  DH was in there with me and he’s like “what’s this?” holding out the diaper for me to inspect.  There was the tiniest, thin line of mucous that was red-colored.  “OMG DH, that’s blood.” I said, in this tiny, scared voice.  I didn’t want to alarm the fry but I was just like WTF WTF WTF.  Meanwhile, the fry is banging his legs up and down on the changing table and having a good old time.

With my GI history, I immediately freaked out and so I called the peds office and a nurse called me back in a couple of minutes. She went through a litany of questions and basically said that he has probably had an intestinal infection, that if he’s not showing any other signs of being unwell I shouldn’t worry about it, that I should make sure to nurse him regularly to keep him hydrated since he has increased poops, and that I should watch his poop to make sure there is no more blood, and if there is, to call them back.  So I spent all night on the edge of my seat, worrying about the fry.  I could barely eat my dinner and finally at 10:30 when he had been asleep for awhile I made and ate an entire box of Uncle Ben’s chicken flavored rice, plus 2 small pieces of dark chocolate and a glass of wine.  Oy.

I called my Mom to tell her about it and she said she noticed that one of his poops had a little mucus in it on Wednesday but she didn’t want to tell me as she didn’t want to worry me unnecessarily.  !!!  If something is off with the Fry’s poop, I want to know about it!  So now I will need to put the T-Th provider on notice to watch his poop as well.

He pooped this morning not long after he was up and it looked completely normal.  I sure hope it continues to be normal.  We had such a fun morning just in the 1.5 hours he was up.  It was really early to be up on a Sunday, but I ate my breakfast and talked to him and we played and then hung out on the couch where he did his leg exercises and we had kisses, he is just so great.  Then he looked at me and it was almost like I could hear him in my head saying, “Mommy, I’m getting tired now,” and I just took him in his bedroom, swaddled him up and told him to have a nice nap and he went right to sleep.

Please let him be ok.


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