Rainy, cold fall is here

I set out early with the Fry today to take him to Grandma’s for drop-off before work. 

I held an umbrella over him while I carried him to the car.  I have so many bags and so much stuff to carry that I have to make 2 trips in the morning; first one to take all the bags out, and sometimes the car seat, depending on what day it is, and the 2nd trip to bring out the Fry.  He was curious as to the dark and the rain, and said “ooo” softly.  It was hard to get him into his car seat with his new (consignment) bulky sweater jacket on, but I finally got him in there.  He gave me the sad lip.  Still doesn’t like the car seat very much.  I covered him up with a blanket and started out. 

Despite leaving early, everyone was a complete fucknut idiot on the road and traffic was really jammed up.  A little ways up the highway, I could see several flashing lights on the other side of the road.  We finally inched up there and it was a car fire.  A van had lost control and smashed into the median and caught on fire.  It was still so dark out I couldn’t see if there were any other cars involved, but there were like 3 fire trucks and several rescue squads and police cars.  It sure didn’t look like a fun way to start the day. 

The Fry and I played “ooo” verbal relay most of the way to Grandma’s.  On the radio, they were giving away Steely Dan tickets and nobody could guess the really obvious answer to the question for the tickets.  I smacked myself in the forehead, thinking of how very far away my cell phone was in the back seat of the car, tucked into my tote bag, and then thought what difference does it make anyway, the last thing I’m going to do is go down to Akron for a concert and be gone for hours and hours on a weeknight and not see the Fry.  I already have to do that for a work event in October, and am not looking forward to it.

After I dropped him off, I drove to the closest park and ride to catch the train in.  I quickly parked as I was really running late now, slung the pump backpack over my back and then the heavy tote (no 3rd bag with lunch today since I have to go to a lunch meeting), and heard this SCHLUMP after I closed the car door.   I kept going a couple of steps, thinking maybe it came from somewhere else, but somehow something told me to go back and look, even though I was late and in a hurry, because something had fallen out of the car.  So I turned back and peeked around the car and IT WAS MY PURSE, which had fallen out of my tote.  I can only keep the purse (small purse) on the outside pocket of my tote because it doesn’t fit on the inside, and I can’t really get it zipped with it in there, so it had toppled out.  OY.  I snatched it up and battled with my bags and umbrella through the rain into the station.  THAT would have ALSO been a really bad way to start the day, and I probably wouldn’t have discovered it for a long time, since I don’t really use my purse during the day.

Crossing public square, it was rainy and blowing and my clothes got all wet.  I also have so many things on that don’t quite match today that I look like a homeless person.  I desperately need some new clothes.  But all I want to do is leave here, go and get my Fry and go home and take a nap with him.


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