weekend wrap-up

The Fry was out of sorts all week after his shots, and seemed to have more of an upset tummy than usual.That didn’t stop me from enjoying the shit out of the weekend with him.  It’s amazing how much I hate Mondays now because it means leaving him after seeing him all day, every day for 2 days straight.  And it makes me sick inside going to the peds office when they ask how many times a day he’s eating and how many dipes each day and honestly, I have no idea.  Between the 2 daycare providers for the Fry, it’s hard to keep straight what happens each day and they both do things differently enough that, short of making each of them fill out a form each day keeping track of what they do or don’t do with him, I am completely in the dark. In the early evening hours with him, I find myself sitting and asking him if they read him books or how much tummy time he had.  I don’t want to exhaust him by making him do stuff during the precious couple of hours I have with him each night, but if he didn’t do anything but lay on his back on a blanket or sit in a bouncy chair watching other kids play all day, I want to make sure he’s getting the interaction he needs.

We tried to go for a fall hike yesterday but it was so not happening.  It was way colder out than we thought, and windy, and he kept spitting up. I guess he didn’t like being jostled around.  But it was such an interesting fall day, I wish we could have made it longer than 15 minutes.  Instead, afterwards I drove to the mall and made DH wait in the car with him while I went in and returned even more new clothes while quickly grabbing some others, hoping that at some point, something will fit, look good, be on sale, be coupon-eligible and be something I can wear to work.  I keep wearing the same things all the time because so few things fit properly.  Between my added fat/sagginess around the middle from the pregnancy and my bigger boobs from breastfeeding, nothing pre-pregnancy fits quite right, even though the scale says the numbers are the same as they were last fall before I got pregnant.  

Last night, the fry got really tired at about 5 so we put him down for a nap, there was no way he could make it til his 7pm bedtime.  He slept almost a full hour so when I got him up, I wanted to tire him out for bed.  I put him on a blanket on the floor on his back and put some music on and was dancing for him.  He thought it was hilarious and was laughing and moving all over, “dancing” with me.  It was just so much fun, such a simple thing, it’s amazing. 

He woke up later for his first pm feeding, at 12:30 instead of 11, and then didn’t wake up til 4:15 instead of 3, for the 2nd feeding. This worked well!


2 thoughts on “weekend wrap-up

  1. So glad to hear the Fry had stomach upset after his shots. OK, that came out wrong. I am sorry to hear he was out of sorts, but happy to hear O-man was not alone. I think it was the Rotavirus – ick! O-man’s also teething and not a happy camper.

    Keep dancing!

  2. Our teething journey is getting worse instead of better. I hope he actually gets a tooth soon and that with that will come some relief!

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