First Fever!

DH had the day off yesterday (unpaid, thanks, economy!) and stayed home with the Fry.He checked in with me a couple of times and all was well.  I had a pretty busy afternoon and couldn’t wait to get out of work.  When I arrived home, he was holding the Fry and looking worried, said the Fry wouldn’t let him put him down anywhere for any reason and was really fussy and crying a lot.  It was pretty warm in the apartment and I turned the heat down first, then came to check out the Fry after I changed out of my work clothes.  His cheeks were a little red and he just wasn’t himself, he BARELY smiled when I talked to him.  I got him undressed and took his temp and it was 99.3!  My Fry’s first fever!  That’ s obviously not a high fever, but is just enough to make you really out of sorts.  DH said he had been cramming his hands into his mouth all day and also grabbing DH’s fingers and chewing on them, which he doesn’t normally do so I guessed it was all related to teething, plus being hot.  I left him in only his diaper and took him into our bedroom and laid on the bed with him while the oscillating fan ran, he likes to watch that sometimes, and he seemed better after about 20 minutes.  He was waving his arm around and banging it on things like he likes to do when he’s in a good mood, so DH went ahead and kept his appointment with our realtor.  Our realtor is a saint.  We have been looking at houses for well over a year now and have physically been in over 100.  We have only bid on 2 houses and didn’t get either one as there are always other offers in that are better than ours.  Buyer’s market, bah!

Since the Fry seemed better, I brought him into the kitchen in his chair while I quickly got a little dinner together.  He seemed ok with that but usually really likes it, and he was a little more fussy than usual so I hurried up.  As I ate dinner, I sat him in his chair in front of me on the couch and we had really good “conversation” and laughing.  Yesterday was the first time I felt like HE was entertaining ME instead of the other way ’round.  He started to get that when he smacked his arms around, I thought it was really funny and went off into gales of laughter, and he would laugh too and then do it again.  He gets this really determined look on his face when he’s flailing his arms about, it almost looks like he’s trying to fly away and I just laughed and laughed and he thought it was terrific fun.  But after only about 15 minutes of play he cried and held out his arms; he’s starting to get that this means I will pick him up.  So I tried nursing him but he just squirmed and cried and wouldn’t eat.  It was still really warm in his room and we had been running the oven so the whole place just felt too hot to me, but I can’t get his bedroom window open and I didn’t want to freeze him out so I just put a short sleeved onesie on him and tried to talk to him on the changing table awhile.  He usually really likes that, but he was just really out of sorts and rubbing his eyes.  Even though it was early, I thought I’d go ahead and try to get him to sleep.  I stood and rocked him and sang along with songs from iTunes like we usually do.  After a couple of shorter songs, I put on “Like a Hurricane” by Neil Young as that one always gets him, and true to form he was asleep after only a couple of minutes (it’s almost a 7 minute song).  I gently laid him in his crib and he cried but then went to sleep right away after like 30 seconds of crying.  20 minutes later he was up again, and he was ANGRY.  I swaddled his lower half since it was finally starting to cool off in his room and tried putting him back down but he was having none of it, and read me the riot act in Snoopy-talk.  He just wouldn’t be consoled, I tried rocking him in the rocking chair, bringing him out to the living room and showing him some paintings he likes to look at, etc, but he was just all “RAWRL GARD BRLAH!” 

I finally decided to try nursing again and this time he went for it, and ate a good long time and then fell asleep. I didn’t have the heart to wake him up to put him down again and wasn’t sure he would stay, so I just let him stay there and I turned the TV on low and tried to catch up on Dancing With the Stars.  It certainly is a different existence, watching TV with a small human attached to your boob, but he’s so cute, I just don’t mind it at all.  Finally around 8 DH came home and we relayed stories about our evening.  I just let the Fry stay there with me while he went all through the houses he had seen and the ideas he had about fixing up the one possible contender.   We finally got him to bed around 8:30 and I went to bed less than an hour later.  So tired these days. 

I think he woke up again before DH came to bed but he got him back to sleep.  Then I woke up at 2:30 and my boobs were all like, “WHERE’S THE BABY! ANYONE HUNGRY! WHERE’S THE BABY!” so I had to pump a little, I was dying. By the time I finished that, he had woken up and was ready to eat. Then he fussed and wouldn’t sleep soundly so I was up from like 2:30 til 4.  I got him back down at 4 and was just falling down the rabbit hole when he started crying again, it was only 4:30.  Ugh.  I got DH up so he could take over and I went back to sleep in the bedroom. 

Big important meeting today at work that I have to run.  Ugh.


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