In case you were wondering…

if Murphy’s Law is still around, it is. I found a really great hair stylist who was CHEAP while I was on maternity leave. She’s like the first person that’s cut my hair in years that I liked what she did, and it wasn’t like $60 or something. I haven’t had my hair cut since I was on leave and I was waiting to get it cut right before the partner meeting so I’d have decent looking hair instead of this mop. I just called to make an appt, and OF COURSE, SHE’S NO LONGER THERE, *AND* SHE’S NO LONGER CUTTING HAIR, she went back to school. *headdesk*


2 thoughts on “In case you were wondering…

  1. I LOVE the woman who cuts my hair. I started going to her because I always admired the hair of one of the gals at VTR so I finally asked where she went. Not only was my 1st cut great but it has been great ever since. Her name is Jen and she is at Loxx on Clague Rd. just north of Lorain. Great cut and inexpensive.

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