6 month growth spurt already? really?

After getting NO sleep since Thursday (was managing a big meeting), I was really hoping to get things settled at home and have everyone get some good sleep last night.  Alas, it was not meant to be.The Fry seems to have entered his 6 month growth spurt early.  Either that, or he is the Devil incarnate and is trying to get me to such a point of exhaustion that I collapse and have to be hospitalized, put into a rubber room babbling about naps.

Everything seemed to go really well yesterday.  The Fry had 2 good naps, ate well all day, had a good deal of  activity in the evening, then nursed for a nice, long time and got really drowsy before bed.  However, after rocking him to 4 songs my back couldn’t take it anymore and I put him down awake.  He screamed a few minutes later and screamed until Daddy got him, and he rocked him in the rocker until he was really drowsy and finally went to sleep.  I took off my 3 day old eye makeup and went to bed, it wasn’t even 9.  By 11 I had heard him yowling twice, this time really angry, so I got up.  Dh had just given him a 3 ounce bottle, couldn’t find anything wrong with him, but he was continuing to yell and yell and yell so I tried feeding him and he ate for another half hour!  I went back to bed and DH got him back to sleep.  By 1 I was up again with the baby, and then he was up about every hour-hour and a half after that.  I would nurse him, we’d go to sleep on the couch and he’d seem very comfy, and then wake up with a SCREAM and then fuss and fuss and fuss and have trouble going back to sleep.  I changed his pants at like 3:30 but they were just went, and not in a way he could have been troubled by it, so I don’t know what his problem was.  I kept switching sides and trying to go back to sleep but it’s really hard to sleep with someone TUG-TUG-TUGGING on your nipple. 

When he woke up at 5 there was just no consoling him, he just seemed to want me to hold him sitting up. Not very convenient.  I was just disgusted and exhausted by then so I put him down in his crib and got ready for work, he was making really angry noises and shouting the whole time, but I had to get ready!

Now my back hurts from contorting on the couch all night and my neck hurts as it was in a really strange position at some point in the night.  And I am EXHAUSTED.  I am really wondering if I am ever going to feel well rested again.


2 thoughts on “6 month growth spurt already? really?

  1. Agh. Growth spurts are no fun! I hope the fry lets you sleep soon (and I know this won’t help you any, but Sami is 3 and I still don’t feel rested, lol)!

    • The Fry is just not much of a sleeper. Yesterday my T-Th daycare lady tried to convince me I should call my pediatrician because he is 5.5 months old and not STTN yet. I’m like, um, NO, they’ll just ask me if everything else is ok with him and if so, hang in there. I may be a new Mom but I’m not dumb!

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