My milk supply tanked after the big meeting at the end of October.  I knew it would, as I was stressed out, drinking a lot more coffee and not really able to have the Fry nurse except once or twice during the overnight hours.  By the end of last week I could really see my daily ounces starting to dip, so I tried to stick close to the Fry over the weekend and do lots of nursing.  He generally didn’t seem that interested, and I started to worry he wasn’t eating enough.  He ate fairly well off the R side on Saturday but every time he was on the L one, he was twisting the nip, yanking it painfully because he turns his head around to see different things with it in his mouth.  Even in the middle of the night when it’s quiet and dark, he has been doing this, and I could see that both  nips were a little bruised, though the L one hurt a lot more than the R.

He didn’t eat that much Sunday during the day, so I was trying to force him to nurse in the early evening hours on Sunday and he just wasn’t having it.  He was twisting and pulling so hard on the L I had to take him off and put him on the R even though I could tell that didn’t have as much in it.  But he just wasn’t interested, and pulled off and looked at me.  “Ooooo,” said the Fry, as if he was saying Mom, I don’t want it!  So I laid him down on his back and was buttoning up when he dribbled out the little bit of milk he had consumed; it ran down his face and onto the cloth I had underneath him.  And there was blood.  “OH GOD” I said.   I didn’t yell it but I must have had a really disturbed tone of voice because DH was like, “What? What’s wrong?” He just knew something was wrong from how I said it. 

So he gathered him up and was very calm while I’m like omgwhatdoidoletscallthepediatrician, wait, maybethere’ssomethinginthatonebookwhereisthebook, dang.  I called the peds office, got the night service, they said a nurse would call me back in a few mins, and I looked through the books I had.   The first thing I found was that it could be blood from my nipple, so I was trying to figure out if that was the culprit when the nurse called.  Relayed all the information, no, he seems perfectly fine, no, he’s not a spitter, no, he doesn’t have reflux, etc.  She said she was going to call a doc and they would call me in a few mins. 

I examined my nip but it’s hard to tell.  They kind of always look bruised on the weekend as they’re not used to him regularly nursing, but the L one had a little red dot on it too, like there was part that was raw.  I tried searching the internet but you know, there isn’t actually a picture anywhere online of what a “cracked nipple” looks like, so I couldn’t tell whether that’s what was wrong, or if the dot was where blood came out, or what. 

The doctor called, and by then he’d spit up again and there was a little blood in that too. She asked me all kinds of questions and then said that he probably ingested blood from me and it makes their stomachs upset and that’s why the spit up (no wonder he didn’t want to eat! bad mommy!), and that unless he kept doing it or there was a lot of it or there were other signs that something was wrong, that’s probably all it was and to monitor him throughout the night and if there were any other problems, call back. 

I had DH give him a small bottle of milk as he hadn’t eaten in hours and there was no problem there.  He did have a little milk come out when he burped but it was totally normal, no blood, and he had nothing else all night long and nothing on Monday either.

Meanwhile, I am trying to take care of my poor, bruised nip and keep pumping it and offering him the other one at night.


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