The Fry is 6 months old!

The Fry  had his 6 month appointment yesterday.  He is 16 pounds and is “thriving” even though that’s just a hair less than average weight on the growth chart, and is 27 inches long (10 inches since birth!).

He is generally very friendly with strangers still.  He’s either in awe and kind of quiet, like on Sunday when we took him to see family out of town for an early thanksgiving  celebration, or is very animated and friendly if it’s a smaller group.  However, once we got into the exam room he was looking around nervously and when I laid him down on his back to take off his clothes, he started shrieking before anything was even done to him. The nurse and doctor both pointed out that although it’s pretty early,  he clearly remembers what happens at the doctor’s office and doesn’t like it ONE BIT.  After he was weighed and I was putting his dipe back on so he could get his shots, he got more and more upset.  He cried the whole time the doctor examined him, which is pretty unusual for him, and then when she left and the nurse came back in with The Tray I actually turned him away from it so he couldn’t see what was on it, and laid him back down and tried to talk to him, but he was just very, very upset.  He didn’t try to wriggle away or anything, but he was really screaming after the first shot, and he had to get 3 of them!  It was so bad.  Normally he calms down right away and I stick him on the boob as soon as possible to help get him calm, but he just screamed and screamed and screamed into my chest and wouldn’t nurse at all.  I finally started to get him calmed down by talking to him about a picture on the wall that had various animals, but just when he was allllmost calmed down, he lost it again.  So I just went ahead and got him dressed as quickly as I could and stuck him in the Moby wrap, where he settled down almost immediately. That thing is just great.  I don’t know what I’ll do when he’s too heavy to carry in there, I swear.

He was a little schizo the rest of the day – happy and then immediately sad, or crying for no reason, but I kept him dosed with tylenol and let him take a nap later on in the wrap and he liked that a lot.  By late afternoon, we were “dancing” – I do aerobics type moves to TRY to burn some calories and play loud, fast music, and he sits in front of me in his bouncy chair and moves his arms and legs like he is dancing too.  It is just hilarious, and the cutest thing ever.

Not so cute?  Today he learned how to open his diaper.  Oh boy.


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