Avocado – BOOOOO

Last night we moved the Fry to his 2nd solid food – avocado.  I had frozen slices so I got a couple out, thawed them and mashed them up with a fork, which still made them too textured for the Fry.  So I used a spatula in a bowl and that got it nice and spreadable/smooth.  Added milk  until it was the right consistency and got the Fry ready to eat.  “Getting him ready” involves nursing him first, so that he doesn’t replace milk with solids (it’s really just a “dessert” at this point).  I keep forgetting to give him his vitamin, so I tried doing that first – for those of you who don’t know, the vitamin is liquid and you give it to them in a dropper. It is a vile, foul smelling thing, it kind of smells like concentrated beef boullion and stains everything it touches.  Whatever you get it on also has the smell attached to it until you wash it in the washer, you can seriously smell a drop of it on a cloth across the room.  Well, he was NOT in the mood for the vitamin and dribbled most of it out of his mouth.  I tried to catch it on a cloth but a lot of it went on my hands and on his and my clothes.  He made an awful face and I put him on the boob right away to try to wash it down for him, but he just wasn’t interested in nursing, he was maybe on there 2 or 3 minutes, twisting around the whole time.  I took him off and started to get him ready for the high chair and he threw up all over – milk, vitamin, EW. Poor guy!

I got him all set in his high chair and put the tray on it and he was getting excited.  He has liked this whole high chair and eating thing so he was ready. First bite of avocado, he looked at me like WTF and made this bad face and kind of dribbled the food out of his mouth.  I tried a few more bites but he made horrible faces and looked up at DH like, “Help! Make her stop!”   I finally got out a cube of sweet potato and thawed that out and mixed part of it with the rest of the avocado and then I was able to get him to eat the rest, but he wasn’t very happy about it.  I’ll have to mix in sweet potato the whole rest of the week and try to just decrease it a little each day.  I thought babies were supposed to love avocado, WTF.


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