Fry not sleeping well

He did well on his first week of solids, but ever since we introduced the avocado/pear, he has been sleeping terribly and now I think he may be stopped up, he hasn’t pooped in like 3 days.  This for a baby who normally poops at least once a day, if not up to 3x, is a little odd.  He’s only eating like 1 or 2 Tbs a day of solid foods but perhaps it’s enough to upset him. Also, I have zippo prepared for his next food, I’ve just had no time to address it.  I was going to make him some homemade rice cereal as his next food, out of brown rice, but that will just stop him up further.

I’m starting to get confused about the foods because everyone on my mommies board is so far ahead of us on solids.  Most started solids 2 months ago or more, and now are eating finger foods, pieces of crackers and cheerios and meats and all kinds of other shit that my baby is not ready for.  I can’t figure out what the right speed is in introducing him to new foods, when I am allowed to start combining them, etc. I mean, I can’t just feed him one food of every food he might possibly be eating to see if he’s allergic to it, so how long do I keep this up?  Meanwhile, the jars of food on the shelf at the store are screaming to me, “It’s easy, come buy me and see.” I already weakened with the pears and I don’t want to give in any more, but it’s just tough to find the time to buy the right food and prepare it – I always have to pump more milk when I’m making the food so I don’t have to use stored milk for it since my stash is pretty small now (less than a week ahead), and this lengthens the process considerably.  Meanwhile, if what I’m giving him is stopping him up, WTF do I give him next?  I had planned to try carrot but now I read you’re not supposed to give them homemade carrot food until they’re at least 8 months old because made at home has more nitrates than baby food mfgr carrot, and they can’t process nitrates very well yet.  Same for spinach.  So those are out.  And the grains/cereals are out; if he’s stopped up, I can only think these will stop him up more.  Everyone on my board gives their baby prunes when they’re stopped up but I don’t even know where to buy prunes or how you would prepare them, I’ve only ever seen them dried in the store and that can’t be what we’re supposed to use.

Meanwhile, I mentioned to the daycare lady today that I think he is stopped up and she suggested putting a little baby apple juice in his bottle of mom milk, and showed me the bottle to let me know it is actually “baby” apple juice, though I have no idea how this differs from regular juice.  I just said ok.  Another new food!  And juice! Bad for baby! Empty calories!  Argh, everything I do makes me feel guilty, like somehow if I was at home and had more time I’d be able to figure all this out myself and he wouldn’t have these problems.

He wakes up SCREAMING, anytime between 12 and 2, and will NOT calm down for anything.  You can try lights, walking him around, singing, all the usual shit and he just completely flips out. I’ve tried laying him down with me but he just gets even more hysterical.  He doesn’t attempt to nurse, doesn’t have a diaper problem, isn’t pulling on his ears or cramming his hand in his mouth, so I just have no idea what his deal is.  It gets real frustrating after about 7 nights in a row of this, as I get ZERO sleep and neither does DH.  I keep waking him up after a half hour of screaming going, “YOUR TURN” and handing him the baby.  Then I sit and stew with smoke coming out my ears and try not to hear him screaming even more, which doesn’t work, and I end up getting up and trying to help, and we have a big argument because we’re both tired.  It’s awful.  Sometimes nursing settles him down and sometimes he’s just not into it, he just throws a fit for like an hour straight until we can finally get him calmed down enough to go back to sleep. Then, he spends the rest of the night waking up EVERY HOUR.  This is Not Fun.


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