Ah, the Christmas Spirit

DH almost punched a guy at the mall yesterday.We’ve been trying to get the Fry a picture with Santa for 2 weeks now.  Last week, we were all ready, and then I clipped the Fry’s nails and cut his damned finger and it bled all afternoon so that day was out, and the next day we were too busy to go.  So we tried to go yesterday.  I know, I know, Sunday afternoon Santa at the mall, I must be nuts.  But we thought we’d just take a chance and see how it went. Got the Fry all dressed up in his cute little outfit I got him at the consignment sale that I’ve been saving for Xmas pictures, and out to the mall. We stopped by my old department at the big, retail store I used to work at, but only 1 person was working and she looked pretty busy so we just moved on out to the mall proper.  To get to Santa, we had to go to the center of the mall and take the elevator downstairs; the elevator let out right where Santa’s line was, and when the doors opened we could see it was just wayyy too long, we’d be there at least an hour.  So I went and looked at the sign with Santa’s hours, made a mental note of it and we were going to just hit a couple of stores upstairs and leave.  We got in the elevator and when we got to the top, we were right in front of the door and the doors opened and this big, brutish guy SHOVES his way into the car before we even had a chance to attempt leaving the elevator.  As I was leaving, I said over my shoulder, loudly, “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO WAIT UNTIL THE PEOPLE INSIDE EXIT FIRST!” and DH followed that up with “JERK!” and stood staring at the guy waiting for him to say something back to him.  But he just ignored us and the doors closed.  I’m glad to see that parenthood has made DH just as crazy as I am.

Made homemade (brown) rice cereal for the Fry last night for his new food since it’s been several days since he had carrots.  It was more textured than I thought it would be, even though I blended the dry grains for a full 2 minutes before cooking, but he didn’t seem to have any problem getting it down; I mixed it with plenty of my milk so it was pretty thin/watery.  He really seemed to like it.


One thought on “Ah, the Christmas Spirit

  1. I hear you, sister. I just got back from a week in amusement parks with my 3, and let me tell you what that does to people’s personal space behavior. I have never been so close to freaking out as while trying to wend a double stroller through a crowd of people determined to save their spot for a parade. GAH!

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