No more dairy

Well, last Saturday the Fry had a small amount of blood in his poop.Sunday morning, it was a lot more blood, so we took him to the pediatric ER. Boy, is that a fun trip.  Drawing blood out of his little arm with their tiny needle, oy, it hurt my stomach, and I had to help hold him down too.  Poor little guy.  After 4 hours of waiting, they found…nothing.  Said to follow up with the peds.  Tuesday we went there and they couldn’t find anything specific, but examined the blood work that was done at the hospital and said maybe I’m right, and he did have a reaction to the peas we had recently introduced, as beans/peas/legumes are high allergy foods.  Oy.  Meanwhile all the girls on my moms board said dairy, dairy, dairy, and that’s why he doesn’t sleep well too.  So in addition to not giving him any more peas (or similar) for several more months, I’ve cut dairy and soy out of my diet, which let me tell you is no easy feat.  Not just because one or the other are in just about everything, but dairy is in just about everything that I really like to eat.  It’s only been a week and I’m already running out of things to eat because nothing sounds good.  Can’t have X, that has dairy. Can’t have Y, that has dairy.  If you go the vegan route, everything has soy and though a small amount might not hurt him, eating edamame and soy burgers is just not a good idea, I think.

He had no more blood after Sunday morning until this past Saturday night, when there was just a very small dot of it.  Well, I had waffles that morning, and those had milk, so who knows.  I can’t even have english muffins!  I made bread, but it was completely unpalatable and there is just no good place to store it.  It molds like OVERNIGHT if it sits out, and gets so gross and dry in the fridge that I can’t stand eating it.  Plus the big brick that my breadmaker makes it into is really hard to deal with.  The slices are too big for the toaster, or for sandwiches.  I should just make it in bread pans but it takes SO much time, and time is just one thing I do not have.  If I have some free time, I should be out looking for some new shoes or working out.  I swear I need to replace every pair of my shoes, they are all so old and run down looking, it’s unreal.  The only shoes I have that are still in great condition are my workout sneakers, because they get so little use, ha ha.

I ordered a really expensive pair of boots last night. I’m sure I’ll send them back, just like I do everything else.

Trying hard not to think of cheese.  Will end this experiment the end of January with re-introduction of a dairy food for me, and see how it affects the Fry.  Hoping against hope it will not bother him.


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