sick and tired

I have had a bad cold for like 2 weeks now, and I am really sick of it.  With breastfeeding the fry, it is taking me like 3x as long to get over this as it did other people who had it (the Fry, my Mom, mr. rockandrollmama).  I cannot seem to get hydrated enough, I am just dry dry dry and by evening my throat hurts.  Overnight hours are torture, with the fry taking out what liquid I do have in me, and me drinking water desperately to catch up, to no avail.  Now blowing blood into my kleenex from dry sinus tissue.  When will it end?


One thought on “sick and tired

  1. No fun! I hope you feel better. Everyone here has had the stomach flu, which blows. Hubs and I were supposed to leave for Vegas on Fri. am for CES, but kid #2 started hurling tonight- we thought we might get away with just 1 kid on the tail end of it- fools that we were. So I’ll go, as it was a work trip for me, and he’ll hold down the fort. Good man. But I’m SO over winter and germs, gah.

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