Good and Bad News?

Today marks one month on the no dairy/no soy diet.  Some days are easier than others.  When it gets hard, I just go out and look at the cost of the special, allergic-baby formula like Alimentum and then I feel a whole lot better about keeping this up as long as is necessary.The Fry’s poo seems to be responding well to the diet.  Not only no more blood and mucous, since we have been able to regularly give solids, even though they’re only once a day still in the evening, he is finally starting to get more pasty, solid-like poo.  Not that anyone care’s about the consistency of my son’s poop, but I’m glad to see it looking so healthy, even if it does smell unbelievably bad.

In other news, the Fry seems to have a small cold or flu and has been battling a runny nose and sneezing for a few days now.  Not sure if this is mine, that I got from him, that I gave back to him or something, or some new thing, but hopefully it will be over soon.  He’s had a lot of snot and the snot-sucker has pulled up some big, scary looking boogies, much like mine were over the past couple of weeks.  Bad mommy.  But what could I do? Stay away from him?  To top it off, this weekend his eye started looking funny.  I thought I saw something in it a few times but I think it’s just mucous, and it could be viral pinkeye, to go along with whatever he’s fighting.  It doesn’t seem to bother him and it’s not terribly, awful red, but there’s a lot of wet eye mucous accumulating in the corner of his eye and it’s pretty watery.  Poor little fry, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

At least I have tomorrow off, to complete a 3 day weekend with my Fry.  I think I will take one day off a month from now on, the rest of the year, so there’s always at least 1 3-day weekend in there to look forward to.


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