Still sick.

I’ve been sick for weeks now.  This week has been worse than ever.  I thought my sore throat went away for a few days, but it came back last Saturday with a vengeance, and got worse and worse.  Monday, both me and the Fry were sick for our day off together at home.  Tuesday we took him to the doctor and they said he had pinkeye. We’ve had to give him drops 3x a day, which he HATES, but it’s finally clearing up.  He was so stuffed up on Wednesday he had trouble eating his bottles at daycare, so we bought an extra saline to put in his diaper bag so his caregivers could have it if they need it.  He was feeling much better by yesterday and his eye problem appear to be gone.  Meanwhile what else was gone yeseterday?  My voice!  I went to the doctor on Tuesday also, and they just asked me some questions and said oh, it’s just a cold/sore throat and there’s nothing we can do. They did a strep culture but if it was positive I would have heard back by now.  Meanwhile it got worse and worse, so between the sore throat and the congestion and then losing my voice yesterday, I then also developed a cough.  Last night I spent like half the night hacking and couldn’t sleep with the Fry at all, which he wasn’t very happy with.  I had to put him back in his crib after each feeding, and I startled him a couple of times by coughing while he was nursing.  I took some cough syrup before bed but it had worn off by like 2 and I just laid there hacking and hacking with my whole chest hurting and wishing I could just slather myself up with Vicks and take a shot of whiskey and go back to sleep for 100 years, but of course none of that was possible, so I just did the best I could to get through the night as I had to come in to work today. It’s not even the end of January and I’ve already missed 2 days.

I got my voice back a little bit today, and the sore throat is slightly better, but now my glands are swollen.  Will I ever get well?


One thought on “Still sick.

  1. Ugh! That sucks. I had that last month…and it lingered. Forever. Even now, I am still all phlegmy (is that even a word?) in the throat. Hope you feel better soon! And glad to hear the Fry is feeling better. 🙂

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