Sick for over a month now…

…me, not the Fry.I am rarely sick, even in the winter.  About once every 10 years or so I get the flu, but generally, I’m a pretty healthy person.  Not anymore.  My BFing friends tell me it is from the lack of sleep/continual interrupted sleep from BFign throughout the night; my immune system just is not having a lot of success fighting off this cold.  I’ve had a sore throat and stuffy, runny nose off and on since Christmas now, and I’m damned tired of it, I’ll tell you what.  It’s difficult enough working full time, taking care of the baby and my home and trying to find energy to work out, but with being sick all the time, it is just impossible.  I feel like I will never be in good shape again.  I can’t stand the way I look in the mirror, and none of my clothes fit.  All I could manage to do last night was some ab work, and then I went to bed, it wasn’t even 8pm.  But then I was up with the Fry at 9:30, 11:30-12:30 and then for good at 4am so it’s just not very restful.  The Fry is also still sick with his cold, so he is having trouble nursing because he can’t breathe well through his nose. So he keeps pulling off and crying and coughing and it’s miserable for all of us.  I think he is starting to get better but every time I get a little bit better, the next day or 2 days later my sore throat is back and my sinuses are screwy.  And I just learned that the sore throat spray and cough drops I’ve been using are a no-no while BFing, so I’m just done taking anything except the occasional Tylenol.  I really can’t afford to go out and outfit myself with 8 million different BF-approved cold products, when nothing really helps anyway, so what’s the point.

As much as I hate winters here, being sick all the time is NOT helping.  I just want to go away, to the desert.  All 3 of us.  DH splashing by the pool with the baby during the day while I bake in the sun to get better.  I need it.  Now.


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