I have become “one of those” Moms

I went out to breakfast with a girlfriend this past Sunday.  She also has a baby about the Fry’s age (a month older).  Her baby is quite a bit ahead of the Fry on eating – she was sitting in a high chair and eating cheerios like a toddler.  If I did that with the Fry, he would look at me like I had 3 heads; he won’t eat anything even close to a Cheerio yet without gagging and then refusing to eat.Anyway, at some point in the meal, my friend’s baby upended the Cheerios container and they spread all over the floor.  The next time we saw our (very nice, gracious) server, she said how sorry she was about the Cheerios, and the server cheerfully said oh, it’s no problem, I’ll clean it up when you leave.

We hurried through our meals as the babies were getting restless and we wanted them to be able to visit with each other a little.  So we each had our babies on our laps and the Fry saw my big water cup and was all ooo! ooo! ooo! as he LOVES to drink water from the cup, this is what we do at home as we are not doing sippy cups.  So I was showing her how he could drink from the cup and how much he liked it, she was really impressed.  I put the cup down to wipe his neck and chest as it does dribble all over and BAM! he turned the nearly full glass of ice water over and water went everywhere, primarily on the table and all over my pants and his, it looked like we both wet ourselves.  We did what we could to clean it up with the 2 napkins we had but it was a real freaking mess and we couldn’t find our server.   We just hustled to get out of there as quickly as we could, leaving an aftermath that was shameful.



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