Pretty good weekend

We are finally starting to get some sunshine, which puts everyone in a better mood.  Me and the Fry are both feeling much better, and DH is almost over this cold thing too.The Fry is developing into such a little person now, it’s amazing.  He delights at things I never would have expected – he must get this stuff from his Dad.  For example, he loves to be vroomed around like an airplane, and loves turning upside down.  If you lay on your back and hug him to your chest and roll from side to side like a barrel, he thinks this is the funniest thing ever.

His nighttime/separation anxiety problem is starting to improve but it’s taken some tough love to get there.  As dedicated as we are to not doing CIO, this latest stage he is in seems to involve him SCREAMING at the top of his lungs for about 5 minutes straight before he goes to sleep.  He’s sleepy, can be falling asleep on your shoulder as you’re walking him in to the room, but when you put him down, he screams and screams like you are killing him.  We started doing a timed thing where one of us would go in every 5 minutes, then 10, then 15, then 20, just so he knows he has not been abandoned (tried sitting next to him on the floor next to his crib, but that just made him even more hysterical).  Eventually, he calms down.  This has to be done once more in the night at some point as well, but usually only once. The other times he wakes up, he can be gotten back to sleep with shushing and patting.  And we have cut him off so that he is only nursing every 3 hours, instead of every 1-2 hours like he’s been doing the last couple of weeks.  If he wakes before it’s been 3 hours, it’s the shushing and patting, and if that doesn’t work, the 5/10/15/20 until he is back to sleep.  Usually it doesn’t get past 10. 

This coming weekend, which I’m already looking forward to even though it’s only Monday, we will try to lengthen that interval to 4 hours so that we can get back to 1-2, maybe 3 nursing sessions a night.  If we can cut him down to 1 session by the time he’s a year old, then I won’t worry so much about it if my supply dries up and he weans, though I still hope to make it to 18 months.

The pediatric GI told us to follow up with them at 11 months so they could do some kind of test to see how he will respond to dairy.  I called and made an appointment for late April, but then I got to thinking – what are they actually going to DO?  So I called back, and the chick wasn’t even sure if we were supposed to come back and see the doctor or go see some kind of allergist for a scratch test.  Um, no.  We are not doing a scratch test, I can assure you. I told her to please find out, because I’d be pretty mad if we get all the way up there and they’re just like oh, you need to see someone else, make an appointment for another day.  She never called back, and she hasn’t called today either. So I’ve decided to just call and cancel the appointment, fuck these people.  I can certainly do a dairy challenge at home myself, I don’t need a doctor to do it.  It’s not like he had an anaphylactic reaction to it. 

Anyway, I had such a good time with my little Fry all weekend, he is turning into such a fun companion, I just want to take him everywhere.  It’s hard sometimes to remember his schedule on the weekend and make sure that he’s eating and napping at relatively the same times as he usually does during the week, because I just want to hang out with him, and of course he doens’t give you any clues as to when these times are approaching.  It was almost warm enough to take him outside for a walk.  Soon!


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