I’m sure you all (my handful of readers) will think I’m crazy, but we’ve started potty training the Fry.

Call me what you will, but 2 weeks in and working FT and I have already saved myself  from having to change 6 poopy diaper and 8 pee diapers.  He also pooped in the potty at daycare this week.  Disposable diaper companies want parents to think babies are unable to be PTd, but up until the advent of disposables, they were trained much, much younger than they are now.

You can’t imagine how much joy there is in seeing someone else’s poop when it’s in a potty chair instead of a diaper.  It’s awesome.


One thought on “Poop

  1. Wow, that is great!

    I don’t know why I lost touch with your blog for a while but I am looking forward to getting caught up.

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