The Fry is a Year Old

This Sunday, the Fry turns 1.  I cannot even fathom this on so many levels.  Probably some of that is because I am still not getting much sleep.  I wonder if he will ever be a good sleeper, or what he’s going to be like when we wean.  Or if we will ever wean. 

I’m such a tangle of emotions and love and memories this week, it’s unreal.  My baby, my infant boy, is growing up to be a toddler.  He waves bye-bye now, no question about it, and is clapping his hands now too.  There’s almost nothing cuter than the dim light in the middle of the night after nursing when he claps his hands softly and smiles up at me.  Except maybe when he’s playing with my hand while nursing, making different shapes as I make shapes and me wondering about all the things those hands will do throughout his life, and what I’ll do when he doesn’t want to hold my hand anymore.  Lucky for me, that’s a few years away yet, I hope.

So many things he does are hilarious and cute.  His wide open mouth and smiling eyes of surprise when I walk around the back of the car to get him out of the car seat is just something you cannot resist laughing at.  The way he crawls SO fast across the floor when he sees the kitty, he just looks like a big water spider.  How he’ll hold on to the table and bop up and down when you play music.  Or he “shows” you a block, just before he throws it to the ground, and then looks up at you with the wide-open, gaping mouth like, “Wow, Mom, did you see what I just did!”  Or the humming/singing noises he makes when he’s eating something he really likes, really going to town on his dinner, sweeping up handfuls of food with his little, chubby hand and trying hard to get most of it into his mouth.   He’s so smart, and affectionate, and cool, and amazing.

This Saturday is the Fry’s birthday party.  Sounds like it will be hot, sunny and muggy, just like the day we brought him home, and probably the first day this year that will be a hot and sunny one, weather-wise. 

Wave bye-bye to infancy, my little Fry. You’re getting to be a big boy now.  Mama loves you soooo much.


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