Summer 2011

It’s been the hottest and rainiest summer on record here in something like 124 years. So we haven’t been able to do as many things outside as we’ve wanted to, because it’s always either blisteringly hot or pouring rain. It’s been too muddy to hike almost every weekend when we’ve had the time, we’ve only been on 1 hike so far. Hoping that the fall will bring more moderate and dry temps and we can get several more hikes in before the cold really settles in. This is probably the last year we’ll be able to carry the Fry in the Ergo backpack carrier – not only is he getting big, he’s getting so he doesnt’ want to be IN something, be it the carrier or a stroller, for a long period of time. Though usually he falls asleep on a hike after awhile so that can work out well. I may be able to carry him one more year depending on how much weight he gains before next summer. My sweet little boy, still so skinny and small. Not even 30 pounds yet.

We’ve managed to have some really fun times this summer despite the weather problems, starting fairly early on with the Thomas’ Day Out at Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. Lots of train tables, got a temporary tattoo of Percy that he wore with pride for like a week, and of course the ride on Thomas himself. I think the Fry just didn’t know what was going on, he was just amazed, and all the parents were super geeked and singing the Thomas songs playing on the overhead.

We’ve been to a couple of Greek festivals, one where my sister and her family were visiting and that’s crowded but fun. People can’t believe how much the boy eats when he’s really hungry, and sometimes I can’t either, it’s like having another full-grown adult at home at times.

We had a nice vacation down in Amish country, which I detailed in another post, and a couple of weekends ago went to the Renaissance Faire, which he thought was a LOT more fun this year than last year when he was only 1. He still doesn’t really “get” the actual RenFaire stuff, but he watched a little of a puppet show (his first ever) and got a lot of playing done, and I got to try archery, which I haven’t done since I was a little kid at camp (I still suck). It was, of course, really, really hot there but seeing live owls and falcons and hawks was probably his favorite part. I personally wanted to stay and watch the blacksmiths at work but the Fry kept asking about fire trucks since there was a blazing fire. LOL.

Yesterday was our first county fair of fair season. We are going to try to get to several this year. Our hometown fair is this week and we may go on Saturday. There are all kinds of festivals and fall things coming up fast in the next 2-6 weeks and it’s going to be a busy and fun time. Hopefully it won’t be stinking hot or pouring the whole time.

Weekend after next, the Fry and I are driving the long, 12 hour trip to WI to see my sister. We’re breaking it up halfway and staying in a hotel in Indiana both ways overnight, but it’s still going to be a really long time for him to be in the car and he’s not going to be happy. We’ll survive, but it will be a challenge handling everythign myself on the road with him. I don’t know how single parents do it.


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