This morning, as I dropped my 3.5 year old growing boy off at school, we were late. The roads are very snowy and so we weren’t there early like we usually are, waiting for the doors to open and hanging out in the foyer. His classmate who he always eats with, A, was already there and his Dad had poured out his typical morning breakfast of brightly colored crap cereal and package of hostess mini muffins (sometimes it’s gummy fruits on the side, sometimes a pop tart). My son sat down and I started to get his breakast out and put it on the little paper plate school provides; homemade, organic oatmeal muffin with organic butter and sour cherry preserves, organic YoBaby blueberry yogurt, a whole plum (not organic or local, but what can you do, it’s winter), and an Applegate Farms chicken-apple sausage. D pointed at A’s bowl and said, “Look, Mom, look what A has!” and I’m like, “Yep, I see.” “CHEMICALS!” he shouts. I immediately burst into uncontrollable laughter, and the teacher is trying not to laugh as well. A is up at the doorway saying goodbye to his Dad, so neither of them heard. He continued, “EWWW, we don’t like those. YUCK!” I tried to stifle my laughter enough to remind him that it’s not polite to say “yuck” about something else someone is eating, but I’m afraid I wasn’t very successful. I know it won’t be that way forever, but I am proud of him when I see that he is learning the difference between crap food and real food, and I hope he makes better choices throughout his young life years than I did.


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