Sick sick sick

The diarrhea that I thought was eating something bad on Thursday turned into vomiting late Thursday night, and then a weekend from hell, with every-hour trips to the bathroom (luckily only that one incident of vomiting, if you can call that “lucky” considering what was coming out the other end). I’ve had colonoscopies that cleaned you out less efficiently than this virus.

Saturday, I pulled myself together and drove to the funeral of a friend’s father, thinking I would feel better if I just got up and got dressed. Wrong on every count. I ended up driving the wrong way down TWO one-way streets and almost getting trapped by snow in my tiny hometown, which would not have been good considering I was still hitting the bathroom every couple of hours. On the way home, as I got closer and closer to Cleveland the snow got worse and worse until it was whiteout/blizzard conditions with the left lane quickly disappearing to the snow. A large tractor trailer in a big hurry veered over in front of me in the slow lane and was making good tracks in the freeway, which had so much blowing snow over it I could only see his tracks for a moment before they were covered up. I tried to keep up with him and increase my speed from the 45 we were all driving, but once I hit 60 and still couldn’t keep up with him, I backed off and he disappeared over a hill, going at least 70…for about 5 minutes. I next saw him only a few moments later, when all the traffic on 71N was coming to a complete standstill because his trailer had jacknifed and spread across all lanes of the highway, including breaking in some fashion and leaking gas all over the highway. Lucky for the rest of us, it was right before an exit so we all exited and then got back on the other side of the wreck. He was standing outside the rig when I drove by and I had to resist the urge to roll down my window and shout at him, “Way to go, asshole.”

Sunday wasn’t much better, and I finally started experiencing some major dehydration symptoms like muscle cramps/weakness and heart palps, so I went in to the ER where they told me my potassium was “really low,” gave me some pills for it (and a script) and rehydrated me with 2 bags of fluid before sending me on my way. I slept for a 5-hour stretch last night without having to go to the bathroom, which is the longest stretch since the onset of this Thursday night. So. Tired.

None of my usual weekend stuff was possible. Nothing got cleaned, and with husband having to tend to the child, the chores and the cleaning it was a bit of a disaster, but we got through it. One of the washers upstairs broke and we had a shitton of laundry because we wanted to wash all the blankets and sheets because of Sick, so it took him hours and hours to get everything done. The microwave is spattered with spaghetti sauce and my kid ate pizza, hot dogs AND chicken nuggets this weekend. #FAIL

Hoping today is better. Getting really tired of toast and poached eggs.


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