Renewed perspective

2nd day walking for exercise at the gym today. It is frustrating for someone whose mind and spirit want to run and push hard and get results to just amble along with almost no resistance and low speed for a limited time, but I do not want to injure my newly screwed-with (literally) foot, and have been told by several doctors now that it’s either exercise like an old lady for now, or don’t exercise at all, else my body punish me further. I feel a little better just being able to walk for 40 minutes; to move around. Like I’m not such a sloth, or at least won’t always be. Looking towards spring.

A Mom blogger I follow lost her sweet baby boy to SIDS on Friday night; he had just learned to wave to her, and she said she didn’t know he was waving goodbye (*cry*). Her post yesterday morning was just heartbreaking and I’ve been hugging D extra hard ever since. Despite all that we do not have, we do have a lot.

Renewed focus on making do as much as possible with what we have on hand, and have been cleaning out the freezers and trying to cook some things up for the week ahead without going to the grocery, which is a challenge. The D is not picky, but one thing he’s iffy-to-never on is beans, so this is going to be tough as my default in bad financial times is beans beans beans. But there are other things. Got a huge batch of homemade spaghetti sauce made, as well as finally using up some cornmeal I got from last year’s CSA with buttermilk corn muffins and some delicious cornmeal pancakes that were breakfast both days this weekend and still plenty in the freezer. The raisin bread was a bust when I realized yesterday my yeast is too old to proof, so I did have to buy some of that but have now lost the fleeting desire to bake. But we do have bacon, and rice, and plenty of onions, so bacon fried rice will be dinner, which is awesome.


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