Today was good

This year I decided to take all the days off that my son’s school is scheduled to be closed, instead of just taking him to our backup provider. Today was the first such day. I made us breakfast sandwiches this morning (“Mama, this is my FAVORITE!”) and then we went to Target as soon as they opened. I managed to find a huge Spider Man coloring book made in the USA and we bought a couple new packages of crayons since his are pretty old. I also got him a package of Marvel comics underwear and a Marvel superheroes T-shirt, because I am awesome. I actually went there for an oval roaster, as last night was one too many times of dropping mine and the black stuff started to come off where it was dented on the inside, so that’s going in the recycling. Of course, all they had was Giant Size because everyone is a Giant now. I bought it, but then got annoyed and decided later I would return it and try to find a normal sized one at a garage sale or something. Or my Mom’s basement, where there are a lot of unused pans since she doesn’t really cook anymore. She came down and met us around 10:30 and we all drove out to Amazone in Medina. I’ve been telling Mom about what a madhouse it is but she couldn’t picture it. It was a bit overwhelming to her but she remarked how nice it would have been to have some place like that to take us kids when we were little. The D ran and ran and ran and climbed and went down the slide like 100 times before I deemed it time to go home for lunch. We had a hodge podge lunch of various leftovers just like my Grandma would have put together; a couple of small fried chicken thighs Mom brought down, with a small dish of homemade noodles, the leftover peas from dinner last night, Tony Packo’s sweet hot pickles, and a couple of small servings of leftover casseroles that needed to “get eat,” as Grandma would have said. Mom and I polished off the last two Miller High Life beers in the fridge and then she went home so we could all take respective afternoon naps. I was awoken after about an hour by the cleaning people in the hall who were banging into the front door with the vacuum cleaner, so I enjoyed a whole extra hour of quiet, by myself while the D slept, wherein I did nothing but drink tea and read magazines. It was awesome.

After nap I convinced D to get dressed so we could go to Lakewood, where I wanted to hit Rozi’s wine shop and promised him a trip to the Blackbird Baking Company for a cookie if he was good, but they were closed – I forgot they are closed on Mondays. He threw a real fit and was so upset, so I suggested instead we go to Nature’s Bin and either get stuff to make cookies or just buy some from their bakery if he saw any he liked, and that seemed to cheer him up. I decided to skip the wine store as it was getting late. We bought a whole bag full of cookies, which I really almost never eat, but I decided to go with it. He was very good throughout the rest of the store where I finally was able to get my coffee creamer (So Delicious coconut milk) and some proper canned tuna (wild planet – BPA free cans/pole caught).

On the way home, he told me he wanted to go to a restaurant to eat and I was thinking of where we could go that would be quick, as his dinnertime was fast approaching. “I want to go to the restaurant with the jello,” he says. I’m thinking, I can’t think of anything. “Honey, I can’t think of any restaurants we go to that have jello,” I said. “Yes!” he insisted, “The restaurant with the train that goes around and around!” This would be the Amish restaurant in Shreve, where we have not been in MONTHS and where he has had jello from the salad bar all of one time. The kid has a mind like a steel trap. But no way was I setting out for Amish country at 5pm on a weeknight, so I asked him if he wanted to go to B-spot and get takeout and he said yes, Daddy takes me there sometimes, I like the bologna. So I called in takeout and picked it up and we ate “picnic style,” which is in front of the TV on the floor. He at all his meal and is now enjoying a cookie while we watch Ice Age II.

I wish I had the money and time to be a Mom like this every day of the year. Patient, well-rested, a little indulgent but still requiring good behavior, who not only buys things we need but things we want just because. But I also know it wouldn’t make a day like today special if we did it every day, so I feel pretty good about it.


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