I hate roller coasters

But as we all know, life is often like riding one. As “up” as yesterday was, today is a complete “down.” The rainy, cloudy, dark drive to work was as depressing as any this winter. I don’t miss a lot about growing up a couple of hours south of here, but the lack of lake effect weather is one thing I do miss; our winters were very cold but much, much sunnier and with much less preciptation than here in Cleveland. I know you “gotta be tough” to live here, but sometimes I really hate that lake and all the weather problems it causes.

My son told me he was tired when I dropped him off at school. I think he’s bummed about the weather too. I try to stay upbeat; I don’t want him to be a SAD sufferer but these grim, gray days make it tough to be chipper.

I arrived at work to find that yesterday when I was off I was assigned yet another Horrible Project, this one due by the end of this week. Back into the rabbit hole I go.


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