“The hubris of these wealthy douches is astounding”

True words, from my friend Dave Litz. And he would know, having split his time between the real people of Cleveland and the plastic people of Los Angeles for many years now. Truly, the douchiness of the rich has spiraled out of control. For every do-gooder and good gesture someone with an assload of money makes, there’s five of the Mark Cuban equivalents on the other side, downing $90,000 bottles of champagne, the Jay Lenos with 7500 different cars he “collects,” and the myriad douches on shows like MTV Cribs, who want to be on TV to make sure everyone sees how fucking obnoxious they are, and how many hundreds of identical pairs of brand new shoes are in their closet so that they never have to wear a used, dirty pair out anywhere.

Does anyone truly wonder why there are certain segments of the world’s population who think we have no morals and who want us dead?

I am actually being serious. This is what people are shown as “success” at every turn. And so few of us measure up. The result is feeling like a miserable failure if all you are able to do is go to work every day and try to feed/raise your family adequately, maybe by not eating in front of the TV for dinner because you’re trying to instill proper manners, or by taking the kid with you to donate his Halloween candy to the homeless youth shelter so he can understand giving back, where the kids not only don’t get to go Trick or Treat, they rarely get three squares a day – let them eat all the candy they want, I figure, their lives suck.

Even on the smaller scale, we are all guilty of some level of coveting the Joneses’ shit. I recently saw an online discussion among some moms about how much to expect to spend on a Disney vacation and it blew my fucking mind. I cannot imagine EVER having $4000-8000 to spend on a single year’s vacation (not that I would ever take my kid to that hellhole, but that’s beside the point). And still others who complain that smaller, cheaper houses are being built in their development of all $750K-plus homes and that the newer houses are going to drag the value down, because what kind of PEOPLE might this bring in, when the houses are “only” $450K?


How do I show my boy what is right when his best mate at school is the child of a REALLY RICH local sports figure and the kid has new clothes every other day, the hottest action figures, and who brings a whole backpack full of toys in every week (despite school rules to the contrary) that he wants me to buy. How do I teach him that when you are rich, you do not have to follow the rules, you do not have to do what’s fair or moral or right, he who has the gold makes the rules.

I am angry. Fed up. And broke.


3 thoughts on ““The hubris of these wealthy douches is astounding”

  1. From TMZ:

    Steven Spielberg doesn’t do anything low budget … especially when it comes to boating … ’cause his private yacht is FRICKIN’ ENORMOUS!!!

    The Oscar winning director’s $200 MILLION ocean vessel was spotted in Fort Lauderdale this week … dwarfing everything else in the water.

    The ridiculous craft — named the Seven Seas — comes loaded with amazing features like an infinity pool, 15-foot movie screen, gym, spa and even a helipad.

    Plus, it sleeps 12 guests and 26 crew members and can reportedly be rented out for $1.3 million per week.

    Fun Fact — the yacht measures 282 feet in length … so, you probably won’t need a bigger boat after all.”

  2. I think I need to stop reading TMZ, it’s just making me angrier:

    Will.i.am IS the owner of that crazy $900,000 Dick Tracy-from-the-future car … and to prove it, we got footage of him behind the wheel.

    Photos of the ridiculous car surfaced yesterday — and sources familiar with the all-aluminum ride told us it was built just for Will at the famous West Coast Customs (aka the “Pimp My Ride” people) … but we were unable to confirm it with the rapper.

    But now we don’t have to … because the rapper was driving it himself last week outside a fancy Italian restaurant in West Hollywood.

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2LTXLZSop

  3. Amen. Just got done looking at houses out here in L.A.. You had better have at least 80-100K to put down, and THAT only gets you a 1200 sq. ft. shack in a so-so part of town. And you better have sterling credit, too! I went to talk to a mortgage broker, and my credit report was showing late cable TV bills from 2009 or so! There are houses in my neighborhood (Atwater Village) that are 550K on the low end, and up to 800K on the high end. These same houses in Westpark, Lakewood, (hell, even Bay Village,) would be 75K to maybe 150K.

    I fear that most major metro areas (LA, NYC, DC, Dallas, Seattle, Boston, Miami) are turning into gated communities, where the wealthy can live decently, and everyone else fends for themselves in the crowded, crime-ridden areas. As for the rust belt…true, your dollar goes a lot further, but there are fewer employment opportunities. I also love the fact that all these houses that have been de-valued by the crash are now being bought up by cash-rich investment cabals, and are now being rented back to people who took a big hit during the recession. We are becoming a nation of renters.

    On a positive note…wouldn’t it indeed be ironic if we got wealthy off of our T-shirt idea, which essentially trashes the wealthy 🙂

    Keep fighting the good fight with your kid, I know it isn’t easy. He is at a very impressionable age. I remember growing up in lower middle-class apartments near Brookpark and Tiedeman Road. We had no money, but there was a park, a bike trail, and a creek near by. And a public pool during the summer. And when they did some construction work on the apartments, there would always be a random dirt pile left behind in one of the parking lots, which was hours of fun with your Tonkas and $1 a piece matchbox cars. At school, there were really no “wealthy” kids. None of us got new toys every week. We were happy with our nearby woods, bike trail, pool, and dirt pile. And of course, the public picnic table out front, which we turned into all manner of imaginary structures. One time we used it as the boat in “Jaws”. Another time, our 3-story apartment building stood in for the blazing skyscraper in “Towering Inferno”. We started at the top and had to fight our way through “flames” to get to the bottom. And don’t get me started on empty card-board appliance boxes! While they were still structurally sound, those bad boys served as impenetrable forts, keeping all manner of imagined marauders at bay. After they started to break down, we used them to “sled” down the carpeted stairs of the apartment hallways. I am sure the residents loved that.

    Tons of fun. And no one got shot at school!

    Simpler times, I know.

    If by chance we did happen to drive through a wealthy neighborhood (Shaker, Bratenahl) and I would ask why people lived in such big, nice houses, my mother would simply say, “because they are rich”. That pretty much ended the conversation.

    Good luck with your little guy. I know things are not simple like they were when we were kids, but keep raising him like you are. I know he is going to grow up to be one of the good ones.


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