Sick and sick and tired

Cold lingers on. We are not happy about this, as there are many things to do, and very little energy with which to do them. All I managed last night was washing 4500 dishes that we seem to generate each day, sweeping and sponging off (not really mopping) the kitchen floor and sweeping the bathroom. And a shower, and liberal use of the foam roller to try to get whatever is wrong with my legs/knees to STOP IT. Latest doc says IT band but I am thinking more and more it is biceps femoris tendonitis, though as he also wondered, why isn’t it getting better? I have a follow up with him in a few weeks so we will hopefully figure something out. It’s been a year and a half now since my knees have been fucked up and this makes doing All The Things really difficult, for there are so many things. Like scrubbing out various spots on the carpet, since I can’t afford to rent a carpet cleaner right now, and that is heavy knee work.

Thanks to the generosity of friends, I am going to the grocery tonight, which is a really exciting way to spend a Friday night. My budget and cooking challenge is to focus more on Mediterranean diet foods while still keeping to a very low budget and not relying too heavily on beans, which have become the bane of my existence. I have a gift card to a local grocery that is not where I normally shop, and not a place I consider safe to buy any sort of meat or fish, so this will be an interesting challenge. I hope they have bulk organic nuts, but I kind of don’t think so. I have a shitton of bulgur in the pantry, and cornmeal, and need to figure out ways to get my family to eat both since past efforts have met with mixed results at best. I can’t be the only one eating this stuff while the boys exist on trail bologna and ham. This is not Mediterranean. We are also completely out of feta, which is kind of like an emergency in my home because it’s the one cheese I pretty much ALWAYS have on hand except for some nasty sliced American, which my kid loves, which I am also out of. So there will be cheese purchases, though that’s not very Mediterranean either. I don’t think this store has a lot of organic produce either, even frozen, so I will take my Clean 15 list with me and buy from that list.

I finally got a nibble on a freelance writing lead yesterday. They asked me to send a short writing sample on a particular subject, so I sent it off and they are reviewing everyone’s stuff and will let me know. This could mean just enough extra money to buy some groceries each month, so I hope I get it. It’s only a 6 month engagement, but I hope to have the bulk of the medical bills paid off by then so hopefully things will even out around then.

We are well past the point where I am COMPLETELY SICK of winter, so every day is extra stabby. No amount of coffee (day) or wine (night) seems to help.


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