mixed bag

I took a planned vacation day today, which I knew I would need after seeing Buddy Guy rip it up last night at Akron Civic Theater. With Luigi’s pizza and cheap wine beforehand and then jamming it out during the concert, I was pooped. I took the boy to school and came back and went to bed, something I generally cannot do as once my brain is awake, the rest of me seems to stay that way too even if I’m tired. But today, success. I slept for HOURS, which is really unusual.

It’s been a gray, very cold and snowy day, though none of it is sticking. I haven’t had much energy to do anything despite the additional sleep, and the coffee is just not sitting well today. But I finally got to the grocery and bought a few things, and came home and started a loaf of bread, which is rising right now, and made a ton of steel cut oats that I will freeze in small batches for future breakfasts. I have to get something going soon for dinner for everyone too, so there’s that.

A friend who has been following my FB activity and who went wheat-free some time ago offered me all her various flour products that have just been sitting unused on her shelf, as well as a breadmaker. I’m going over tomorrow to pick them up. As I mentioned recently, I’m not into using a breadmaker but I have a friend who has been looking for one so I will give it to her, yay. I am not above using any type of appliance, and in fact entered a contest for a KA waffle iron, as that is one piece of equipment that would get a fair amount of use in my home as the boy and I both love waffles but either have to buy the worthless frozen kind or go out for them since I don’t have an iron. We are actually planning an overnight at grandma’s later this month based almost solely on the fact that practically the only thing my Mom likes cooking anymore is homemade waffles. She has a proper, old fashioned waffle iron, not a “Belgian” style, which has a grid that is too deep for my liking when it comes to spreading butter and such on the waffle, so that will be enjoyable. We will watch some kid movie til kid goes to bed and then she and I will stay up reading mags and discussing current events and family and various stuff. Maybe make a snack and even watch an old movie if she’s got one, and she usually does. Nearly my entire 1950s and prior movie knowledge comes from my mother’s single-handed efforts to make sure I saw and knew about all the good and little known sleepers that she grew up watching. It’s because of her that I know who folks like Ray Milland are and that we can joke with each other thusly:

Me: Just for that, you don’t get any pie.
Her: What’s that in the wastebasket?
Me: Pie (we both crack up)

That bit is from My Dear Secretary, a great film if you haven’t seen it. She also turned me on to the epic films. While we were not in any way a religious family, we loved crowding around the TV each year to watch stuff like The Ten Commandments (“Oh, Moses, Moses, Moses”) and The Robe (“ARE YOU OUT THERE?”).

It ain’t tea and toast at the kitchen table, but hopefully my son will start laying down his own memories and his own version of overnights with Grandma, as long as we can make them.


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