It was a good weekend

Decent weather can cause me such happiness, it’s unreal. And my weekend was just packed with goodness that makes my soul joyful. First off, the mild carpel tunnel symptoms I’ve been having since I made bread last Thursday are almost gone. I found a video online with some very good exercises for it and have been doing those whenever I am sitting and have my hands free (which, with a toddler, is not all that often).

Friday night I had dinner with an old theater-world friend and then we went to see theater, which is always a happy occasion for me because it makes me feel alive as an artist, even when I have nothing personally to do with whatever is happening on stage. The double level of joy is when I know someone involved in the production, whether the writer or director or technically or actually performing, which was the case in this fun an interesting show (These Are the Times, which was the final show of Big Box at CPT). The third level of joy is when other theater-world friends are in attendance as well, because there’s a lot of squealing of joy and hugs and kisses and talking and drinking (before and after) that makes the joy even greater. I feel part of something, even though I am not actually part of the show. So this was a happy.

Saturday we went to the Metroparks for a hike, but the trails were super muddy so we walked on the path instead. The boy got tired and I had thought to bring the Ergo, which he is still not too big to be in, though he’s less into being carried than he used to be. He asked to get down as soon as I put him in, and then almost walked directly into the path of an oncoming bicycle rider, and he didn’t much like being yanked out of the way at the last minute and scolded for not listening, so a few minutes later he asked to get back in. We only walked a couple of miles but the quiet was nice. Periodically, reflexively, I reach back and touch his leg with my hand when he is in there. That leg hangs so low now, and is long and skinny. I remember when he was a baby that leg was up way high, right under my armpit almost, and when I’d reach back to hold it I’d find it to be warm and fat, a baby leg. Now it is a boy’s leg. Soon, very soon, it won’t be a leg I reach back and feel at all when he becomes too big to ride in there any longer, either by weight or by choice. The Metroparks walk was good since the day started with the cable guy coming to diagnose our repeated internet drop-outs, and in the process of the visit he discovered that Cable Profitmonger Center had changed our lineup for our bill when I had called to downgrade our service, but had not actually done anything physically at our place, and we had been receiving many more channels than we were supposed to for all of two weeks. The guy came in and said ours was the only line that hadn’t been upgraded properly and he changed the points and some other technical crap that made no sense and said it’s probably been like that for years and hopefully the new line will fix our problem. Then he left and came back 10 minutes later to inform us he discovered the extra channels were still on and he had to take them away because “if my supervisor did a spot check on the box and discovered the error, I could lose my job.” Except our lines are so old nobody has upgraded them in 9 years of living in this unit. But yeah, a supervisor could SUDDENLY decide to come out and spot check it, right.

The channel thing happened right when we were in the middle of watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the kid cried when I told him we couldn’t watch it any longer, but I downloaded a free app that distracted him enough that he got over it fairly quickly. The app is pretty limited though, it’s like having a single episode of the show to watch and after doing it twice through, he’s already asking for another “episode.” Not happening. I will see if we can get it from the library or something.

Yesterday’s weather was even more beautiful, so after pancakes, we drove to the Rocky River Nature Center where the D sprinted around shouting with excitement at each thing he discovered. Puppets! Bugs frozen in glass! Snakes! Turtles! Stuffed birds! We walked around outside the center and I showed him a tree with a bag attached for collecting sap, which was really cool, and then we hiked around the muddy trails there for probably a couple of miles. Went to Treehugger’s for a healthy lunch, where the kid inhaled his grilled cheese and sweet potato fries and played busily with the box of toys they have for kids there (please why aren’t there more restaurants like this?). We all came home and napped and when I got up, I actually walked all the way to the grocery and back, which was an additional 3 miles on top of the earlier 2, so my back and legs are super sore today, but in a very good way.

I ran into a girl at the nature center that used to work where I do. She recently got a job at a company known for treating their employees well, and was telling me all about how great it is and what an improvement it is over her old job, even though she has a lot of work to do at the new job. I will keep trying to get into a place like that. I need it more than ever, as the large projects I keep getting here stress me out so badly that I can’t sleep at night and cause me to lie awake thinking about dying. And I just got another one assigned today so back into the rabbit hole I go. I hope when I come out of it in 3 weeks that spring will really, really be here.


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