nutritionists r dum

I grow increasingly frustrated and angry at the group of people out there calling themselves “nutritionists” who are hawking and pushing fake, wrong and bad for you foods. Folks, if you are seeing a nutritionist, I’m sorry, but you need to stop it. You are smart. You went to school, somewhere, at some point. You know how to study and read and get information on your own, and I really suggest you do it and stop listening to these people.

They have the best of intentions, really. But so do people who work in a hospital, who deliver meals to you that have PROMISE spread and other bland and awful food that simply not real-food based nutrition. There are so many good books out there now about how to eat real food (which should NOT TAKE A BOOK, but I know it’s confusing out there), the nutritionist will not help you do this.

Michael Pollan. Barbara Kingsolver. Eric Schlosser. Michael Ruhlman. Just a few names of authors of some great books (Ruhlman’s blog is especially good for regular information) about finding and eating real food, and why we are meant to do that, and not to eat stuff like genetically modified corn and soybean oil.

I know it’s hard to make good choices. As I’ve said to others, it’s a JOURNEY, not a CONTEST. I am always learning more and adjusting my choices and shopping and cooking accordingly. What I ate now is not what I ate 5 years ago and miles from what I ate 10 years ago. But nutritionists are really starting to offend me, and it makes me angry. I saw a couple over the years and they all spout the same type of crap, pushing boneless skinless factory farmed chicken breasts as a “health” food and suggesting you eat fat free cheese. It’s wrong, and it’s not good for you, as the studies are finally starting to show, that when you try to “trick” your body with “diet” this or “fat free” that, it rebels, and not happily.

I had to go to a program today about “health” education (part of my health care plan) and realize I am so fucking far removed from the general public in the food world that I can barely sit through a stupid class like this anymore without tearing my hair out. With the woman recommending that we all use vegetable oil (HI, GMO SOY) and buy JIF “natural” peanut butter (with not only TWO kinds of SUGAR (sugar and molasses), as well as PALM OIL, BYE RAINFORESTS AND PEATLANDS), I just wanted to smack her. And then she made a recipe using almost half of one of those teeny little canisters of cinnamon that people buy at the grocery and someone was saying how expensive spices were so they were never going to make that because one little canister is almost $5 and then she won’t have any leftover and I wanted to stand up screaming, “GO TO A FUCKING ETHNIC FOOD STORE AND YOU CAN GET ABOUT HALF A TRUCKLOAD OF THAT SHIT FOR LIKE 1.50!”

Guess what, people. Modern day foraging for your food is just like the days of old, or should be. Instead of going to different parts of the forest or farm or field for your food, you need to go to different stores for different products. If you are buying every single thing your family needs to survive from clothes to food at one store, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. We all know we should move around more, right? Maybe you go to a farm for your meat, a farmer’s market for your produce, and a conventional grocery for your staples and paper products. No time? But there’s time for video games and TV, right? No money? But there’s money for smokes and fast food, right?

You have to change your priorities, change your mindset, and make the decision to start doing better. Knowledge is key to that. Create the knowledge in your own mind, and stop going to someone who tells you to eat fat free dressing and margarine.

I’m not saying I will live forever, or that there has never been anything wrong with my health or never will be again. I’m not a martyr. I’m just trying to do the best I can and I get very angry when there is a huge group of people assembled who are TRYING to do better, and they are relying upon someone who is telling them to buy Jif and spend $5 for 3 Tbs of spices.


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