on writing, and birthdays

Resurrecting my blog was done intentionally, to help flex my writing muscles and get back to daily writing, even if it’s the for free/without a purpose kind. And I’m enjoying it, even if I don’t make it on here every day.

Part of the reason I want to flex is I’m already anticipating NaNoWriMo this year, which I want to participate in and complete again. The novel I wrote last November continues through my own personal hell of the editing process. With only 3.5 days left in March, I have to admit my goal of finishing editing by then will not be met. But I’m getting there. Maybe a couple more weeks.

I finally told my Mom about the book today, and what it’s about, and she really surprised me. She called me at work about a half hour after we talked this morning and said she just wanted me to know how proud she was of me for completing such a task, that a lot of people talk about doing something like that but never finish it, and that she hopes that even if I don’t get it published, I’ll let her read the manuscript one day. That woman has always had unflagging support for me and has been my biggest fan since the day I was born. It made me feel really good and like I need to finish this fucker, pronto.

I’d also like to get some articles published, as I haven’t done that for a while, but it’s hard because I am an “assignment” writer (which is why the novel writing month worked for me, as it’s an assignment); give me a task or theme or job to write something, and I can do it (see CPT’s Dark Room for examples). But coming up with ideas without a reason, writing articles out and then submitting them different places hoping to be published is a mentally backwards way of thinking for me. And then there’s that novel to finish.

I’ve also started planning my kid’s 4th birthday, which is in May, though the birthday celebration itself may be in June depending on availability of the spot I’ve finally chosen. In the end, my desire to offer real food and not processed crap has pushed me to book a place outdoors where I can bring in my own food (covered of course, I’m not an idiot). Now that I’ve settled on a place (reservation still pending, hopefully can book today), I’m mulling over a lot of party planning ideas in my head. The challenge is to keep the budget very small, though my Mom has offered to help out with the cost a little, which is nice. I planned corporate events for several years so I get very, very organized when it comes to event planning, and I feel all finger-picky and nervous when there are details outstanding. I have some good ideas though, and even if nobody shows up and there isn’t enough for everyone to eat and drink, we will have fun regardless, as it is a party for the coolest little person I know, with lots of room for him to run around, dance, sing and be crazy, as he is wont to do.


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