Everyone is busy. I am no exception. But I finally managed to get through my first significant edit of the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo – yes, that was back in November. I actually got it finished but then decided to change the tense and had to go through and edit the whole thing accordingly. It took me one month to write the novel and it’s taken me four months to make the first edit. Oy. That being said, I only have a few more tweaks to make before it will be ready for someone to take a hard look at it. But finding friends who can make the time to do this is almost as tough as me finding the time to write and edit it to begin with. A lot of people have offered, but as I said, everyone is busy. I have a friend out in Colorado that I’m pretty sure I can count on for general feedback, but he’s not a proofer and won’t pick up that kind of detail. My sister definitely would, but she has this sort of lifelong disdain for anything I do, which is often followed by a weird and sincere championing of the same effort later on in the process. For example, when we were kids, she might have made fun of an outfit I put on but later that same day, punch someone in the face who said something bad to me about it. And she is also Busy, so I don’t know if I should send to her or not. I have a co-worker who is a crack proofreader and would do a great job, but I don’t like to let my personal life bleed into work like that, plus I’d have to buy her lunch or dinner or something to get her to do it. I’ll figure it out.

Meanwhile, my larger book has been in play for several years now. If I can get my shit together with this book, I may make the task of finishing my other book the focus of my NaNo efforts this year. Yes, I am trying to think ahead; the only reason I was able to complete NaNo in 2012 when I hadn’t been able to do it before is because I organized and prepared for it – it’s the project manager in me, I guess.

In other news, I got a letter addressed by hand, very specifically, to my family, from someone in a nearby town. Who apparently is a Jehovah’s Witness and wanted to send me a letter and a pamphlet about THE TRUTH. Thanks to the idiocy of this person putting their full name and return address on the envelope, and to the internet, I was able to obtain their phone number and plan on calling her today to ask her what the actual fuck she thinks she is doing, and where she got my name and address.

I must get my hair cut tonight. I don’t think the purple dye is happening, at least not yet, but who knows what I will decide when I get in there. I’m fed up with it the way it is, that’s for sure.


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