There has to be a better way

Just when I thought things at my job couldn’t get any worse, they did. I won’t go too much into specifics but basically, in addition to the crushing, mind-numbing, awful work load we are already managing, the three people in my area of the department are going to be responsible for a massive, impossible amount of work that we weren’t told about in relation to a huge project we are already behind on by several months, and the project is supposed to be done in June. All the stuff we were already working on was due in part in Feb, and in part in March, and exactly none of that is done. Because this is work we are supposed to “fit in” in between our other work. I think “fit in” work used to be stuff that other bodies would do before everyone had “belt-tightening” or “RIFs,” or maybe consultants did it, or even whole extra departments with multiple people in them that have since been eliminated. Even if I worked all day and night, there is no way I could do all this work.

It’s very hard not to freak out. I’ve been interrupted for work-related emergencies three times while trying to schedule a session with a mental health counselor about managing my anxiety and stress, and have not yet been able to complete even scheduling an appointment. See the irony there? Ok I did call one place but the guy never called me back. So I had to call back our EAP provider and tell them so they could pull back my allowable free sessions and apply them to someone else.

The therapy sessions are supposed to be “fit in” to my life, along with appointments that I’m in the middle of trying to schedule for physical therapy, acupuncture and endocrinology, all of which take place during the day and cause me to be even more behind at work. And I need to schedule my annual GI biopsy. And physical, which was supposed to be done in February. And get that cavity taken care of. And plan my kid’s birthday party. And get that rattling noise on my car fixed before a road trip in two weeks.

Everyone at work is nasty and biting with each other because we are all being crushed under the stress. It seems every other day I’m in my supervisor’s office letting her know of some potential brewing “problem” with someone or other because they’re pissed something isn’t done, or isn’t done well enough because we don’t have enough time to devote to doing it in a high-quality way. Go in enough and you’re the “problem” they want to eliminate.

There has to be a better way of going about obtaining enough money to pay one’s bills, eat, put one’s child through preschool and afford health insurance than this misery.


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