busy busy busy

Me and D are leaving Thursday morning to drive to Washington, D.C. One of my best friends lives there, who I met online via a mom’s board for women having kids in 5/09. We’ve always known our boys would be good friends but the distance kept them from meeting in person until last summer when she brought her family to Cleveland for a short but harried trip. The boys have Facetime chatted here and there throughout the months since that trip – three year old Facetime chats consist of things like one kid watching the other kid eat a cookie and the other kid trying to put his face on the camera. So we’re getting them back together, this time on their turf. Yes, my friend is crazy enough to allow me and my hyper, cranky, crazy child stay with her for three days. There will be baking. And drinking. And another friend may be coming in on Friday night for both of those activities. And a lot of going to the park. And, since who knows if or when we will ever go back, I intend to get my kid’s picture with the White House in the background. But probably no other touristy stuff, unless you consider racing up and down the Mall tourism.

But tonight I’m going out with a friend where we’re going to finish, dammit, planning the food and who can cook what for my kid’s birthday party. Which isn’t until June, because everything was booked in May, but it will probably be too cold for an outdoor party then anyway, the way Spring has been going, so it’s just as well. In my usual over-planning style, I have called more than 10 bakeries/home bakers/stores trying to find someone who doesn’t use a nasty boxed cake mix with hydrogenated oil and a tub of hydrogenated oil “frosting” to smear on top of it, but who also won’t charge me $50 just to give cake to 15 or 20 people. It’s not been easy, but I think I’ve found a happy medium.

In other news, I am actually considering doing a Real Play this year. Which is a little scary, as it’s been more than five years now since I was in a full-length play, what with the kid journey and all that led up to him being here.

In yet other news, I have hemmed and hawed for more than four months now about what to do with a GC I received to a store that only sells books (no music, no “other” stuff). I don’t buy books unless I plan to use them long-term as a reference, such as a cookbook; I don’t have the room or the money for such expenditures and quit buying books long ago (though I love receiving them, and am lucky to do so every year). So while I check out and check in lots of books, the gift card languishes. I’ve finally decided to spend it on something I’ve been resolving each new year but have never gotten very far with – I’m going to use it to learn my ancestral language – Greek. There is a Greek learning program coming up for sale in July that happens to be the exact same price as the amount of my gift card. It comes with a workbook and DVDs and the system has gotten good reviews, so maybe I’ll actually learn it this time instead of just talking about it and downloading a basic app or something. And if the program languishes like the gift card did, going unused for a long time, perhaps forever, at least I’m not out any money. And it’s there whenever I get the urge to go back to it. You’re never too old to learn, right?


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