Appointments and busy and ow

With all these physical therapy sessions (twice a week), scheduling anything on top of it has become a nightmare. I had PT yesterday and then the dentist at night. The consultation with my acupuncturist was last week. He agreed returning to acu would be a good complement to my PT work and may help achieve better results. An hour on the phone and 8 billion phone calls later, my insurance company insists they won’t cover it, even though they covered it before for 2 years when they insisted they wouldn’t. I think because he’s a doctor, the bills get processed as a doctor visit and so they’re paid. But they insisted. So I will have to do what I did last time, which is pay for each session up front but ask them to process it through insurance “just in case.” The last time I did this, the Clinic ended up having to cut me a check for like $275 in repayments. Of course it may NOT be covered this time, the plans change slightly every year, eliminating more and more things considered “fringy” which actually help, because some dolt deems them unnecessary.

PT is helping, but it’s helping my back, and not my knees. This guy is very good, certainly the best PT I’ve seen and I’m glad I went back to him because the people I was going to last year under another doctor’s orders were worthless. He is not convinced my knee problem is in fact hamstring tendonopathy or tendonitis, but thinks the back and weak core (hi, multiple abdominal surgeries) are integrally involved. So I have been doing a ton of core work, and he adds to that each time. He’s also working on one knee every other session, to see if we can make improvement happen in one knee, and then we’ll be able to do it with the other. This is a very long and discouraging journey. I’ve developed plantar fasciitis along with all my other problems now, since all I can do for cardio is walk and I’ve apparently been doing that too much. Even expensive Brooks running shoes don’t prevent problems. I am working on trying to get stronger but it is very tough because everything HURTS so very much and every time I try to progress, I’m knocked back again. I’m no stranger to pain but when you can’t even sit down on the toilet without collapsing because of weak knees, someone needs to do something. So I am trying the somethings, and will start on acu as soon as I can find time to schedule it.

I scheduled with yet a THIRD mental health counselor. Let’s hope this one is actually there when I show up and is someone worth talking to. So there’s that appointment. I also need to make an appointment with a new allergist, since mine retired right before ordering a head CT to figure out why I keep getting recurrent sinus infections and sometimes, resultant ear infections. And I got a recall notice for my car, so I need to make an appointment with the dealership to take it in for repair. In my spare time. I finally had to skip something and it ended up being Mother’s Day snack at D’s school. I went last year and only two other mothers were there and the whole thing lasted 5 minutes and then I had to play catch up all day at work and it was awful. They make it awful for you to be there, and more awful for you not to be there. Lose-lose.

This weekend is going to be busy. I want to take my kid to the Hessler Street Fair because with my lack of funds and fear of flying, I’ll probably never get to the Topanga Days’ festival with him in tow, and this is as close as I can get locally. I have to buy something to bring in for D’s classmates for his birthday next week (it will NOT be food, thank you), the Greek Fest is coming up, and a concert right after that. And oh, sandwiched in there somewhere is a night with a few close friends watching some of the very, very bad films I’ve done over the years. There will be bourbon, thank God, and pinwheel sandwiches and taquitos, and forgiveness. And a kicking of myself for thinking that when I was 20, I was fat.


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