Birthday over, and on to the next

Three weeks after his actual birthday, we had D’s 4th birthday party. I’m so glad I waited because it was like 50 degrees on his actual birthday weekend. The pavilion we rented was busy until the 15th, so we just went ahead and had it then. It was gorgeous weather, just perfect – 77 and sunny but not too sticky.

I love entertaining and am pretty good at event planning, since I did it professionally for a number of years, so I was really looking forward to it. We haven’t had a big party for D since his first birthday. It poured rain the entire time and everyone hung out under the pavilion and made the best of it. We were still dairy-free then as he had not outgrown his dairy allergy, and I made him a teeny, vegan chocolate cake, which is pretty good for me since I don’t bake. He delighted in scooping up handfuls and making people laugh by stuffing them in his face – a clown, even then. He went too far at one point, and I could see he was choking, even as everyone laughed and thought everything was fine, and I VAULTED over the top of the picnic table like fucking Superman. Nobody knew what was going on. I had him up and over my arm in a flash, and the cake came out just before I gave him a thump. Then I had to pretend like I wasn’t having a heart attack and be calm and go back to the party, instead of freaking out and crying, so yay, acting skills.

This party was much lower key, except for the fact that my husband does NOT like entertaining and is NOT very good at it, so he was stressed out to the max. I sent him to pick up the cake and go do manly things like start the charcoal at the park to get him out from underfoot, and D and I had a lazy morning. His sentence structure and storytelling has suddenly leaped forward, and his play has become more complex. It’s fascinating to watch and observe.

Lots of family came to the party and a couple of D’s little friends. I got a lot of help and food contributions to the party, which was also helpful. D tore through his gifts like a tornado and ran around on the adjacent playground until his face was red, clutching a new truck and giggling. It did my soul a lot of good to see that, and I didn’t even mind that all he basically ate all day was potato chips and cake frosting.

Much more to do, as summer continues to ramp into high gear. I’ve been trying to see friends more often and doing a fairly good job with that, which makes me very, very happy. Both old friends and newer ones do my soul a lot of good. I have a couple of possible theater options I am exploring now as well, which is exciting, including one for next year. It’s been several years now since I’ve done a full production, and I finally feel D can get along without me for the several-months’ commitment a show requires.

The 2nd Greek festival of the season is next weekend, so I’m looking forward to that. Next big thing on the agenda is a road trip for me and D to Wisconsin to visit my sister and her family over the July 4 holiday weekend. It’s a lot of driving to handle solo, but we break it up with a hotel stay about halfway there. I’m using up just about the last of the many thousands of Marriott points I got as a meeting planner years ago. I sure have gotten the good out of those. If event planning paid more and didn’t have such shitty hours, I would look for a FT job doing it. But that would basically mean no more theater, ever, since you work a lot of evenings and weekends.

I’m starting to see a LOT of positive results from the acupuncture, particularly in my back, but the treatment he does on me is pretty expensive and my HSA is already used up until next payday, when I dribble in a few more dollars. It will have to wait a couple more weeks. The PT did such deep tissue work on my hamstrings yesterday I look like someone beat me with a baseball bat. He said the bumpiness deep in there is from adhesions, and we need to try to break those up if we are going to cause repair to happen. His theory now is that adhesions all along the hamstring, including where it attaches to the outside of the knee, have caused it to be thicker than it should be and that the impingement/pinching is the source of my pain in the knees. I hope so. I just want to be able to squat down and zip my kid’s coat again.


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