It’s the bus-busiest time of the year

Fairs. With tractor pulls and demolition derbies. And lots of fried things. Hands sticky with lemonade and powdered sugar and the smell of manure. Mountains of fresh cut fries, and evaluating Farmall vs. John Deere vs. Massey-Ferguson.

Also, festivals. With more fried things but also culture-specific deliciousness. Ukranian, Italian, one more Greek fest.

And an upcoming trip to Great Barf Lodge, which is about how I feel about going to a water park for a few days with 800 billion families with small children and nothing to eat but chain food. I hope there is a bar. I think I will bring a few bottles of liquor.

And soon, rehearsals, to prep for the most exciting party of the year, at which I will be performing in not one but TWO pieces, wow. Traditionally, I somehow end up each year doing a comedic piece as a hillbilly or a religious figure, and this year is no exception, as I am playing Mother Teresa. She drinks, she smokes, she swears. Come see!

August is definitely the busiest month for me, and things are very busy at work as well so I feel a little like I’m going crazy every day so far this month. The plus side to being super, super busy is I don’t have a lot of time to entertain my occasional death-panic episodes, so when they raise up I’m just like fuck you, get out of here, I have no time for your shit today. Which is what I’d like to say to everyone at work who wants me to do something, but obviously cannot.

There’s going to be a lot of alcohol this month, and not a lot of time to work out. I have three more PT sessions to schedule before we do a formal re-evaluation to see if they need to order more sessions, but I can’t do that until the latest Big Project at work is over. I have finally been making some progress in PT, and even survived my Dance Weekend From Heaven and Hell last weekend, where I managed to not kill myself or get so injured I can’t walk, so that’s a plus.

I’m about 50% sure I’m going to be running a 5K in late September as well. I haven’t run much of anywhere but across the street for more than two years, save a couple of recent trial runs just to test out the knees and see how they are doing. I feel…tentative about it. I won’t do it if I feel like it’s going to destroy any progress I’ve made, and I have no problem stopping partway in if I feel like things are going pear-shaped, but I’d kind of like to do it. My desire to do it is at 100%, which is when I tend to overshoot and get injured, so I’m trying hard to listen and to do what I can to take care of myself in the middle of a crazy month that is full of bad eating, more desk-sitting than normal and a lot of stress. I guess I’ll see where I am in a couple of weeks and decide then.


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