Here we go

Busy, busy, busy, as expected. Tonight – first table read of shows I am in for Pandemonium, the biggest party of the year (don’t miss it!), which is in less than three weeks. I have already started attempting to memorize the very long mostly-monologue piece I am in which presents my greatest challenge. I feel up to it and am looking forward to it, but it’s also a little scary. When I first read it, I remembered what Meryl Streep once said when asked how she chose a role and she said something like, when she are reading it for the first time, she was excited about the part while reading it, but also a little scared. That’s about how I feel as well, so that’s good. Tomorrow night, I am finally getting a deep tissue massage, which I not only deserve after beating my body up over the last two weeks with improv dance, test runs and working a wedding for several hours, but also need because, with the lack of time to go to more physical therapy, my knee problem seems to be returning. I am working on it, I am, because I want to get back to where I was before all the beating up. But with this schedule, it’s tough. Sherri’s hands have the strength of an ox, and I look forward to her unique type of punishment tomorrow, and in working out the kinks. Thursday morning I dovetail that with more acupuncture, which I really need to do more regularly but damn it is expensive. Thursday night I am having dinner with two old and dear friends (both very old and very dear, ha ha), which I am looking forward to greatly. Friday I am leaving work mid-morning to go to some lunch thing they are having at D’s school (who has these programs at noon on a Friday? Ugh.), and then I will work from home in the afternoon. Friday night is CSA pickup so that will be the usual busy and preparing and storing. Saturday morning is the only time we have to go to our favorite fair of fair season, the Portage County/Randolph fair, which is very, very, very country. I may not actually be country enough in my John Deere shirt and cowboy boots. If my hair was still long, I would braid it ala Willie Nelson. Taking D to the actual tractor pull this year if it is on Saturday, he’s been too little to be interested for more than a few minutes thus far, so I need to find us all some earplugs. I still have mine from when I went shooting regularly, but nobody else has any so I need to get on that. Saturday night I am packing as we are going to Great Wolf Lodge for 3 days and 2 nights, which will require a lot of patience to tolerate all the bratty kids and bad food. I plan to bring a lot of liquor. And then D’s school is closed next Friday for some reason so I have to figure out something to do with him then. And oh yeah, work a couple of days in between, and possibly more rehearsal. I am thinking of sending D to his old home daycare provider’s for the day so I can just have a DAY OFF TO MYSELF next Friday, which I really need, preferably while it’s still warm and pools are still open, where I am not folding any laundry or cooking anyone anything. Maybe I can fly to Scottsdale just for the day and stay in a poolside cabana at the Phoenician resort, drinking margaritas and getting massages from hot pool attendants of either sex. They could run my lines with me.



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