What a weekend!

My son’s school was closed on Friday so I took him to the Natural History Museum. Which lasted all of about an hour. He shrieked if I tried to stop and look at anything he didn’t want to look at, and if I tried to read anything on any of the placards. He just wanted to SEE THINGS and RUN. I was glad we had free tickets and found a meter on the street, needless to say. I took him out afterwards for lunch, where he had his first milkshake, which basically WAS his lunch. Ah well.

Saturday was a whirlwind of cooking. So many things I can’t remember. Ina Garten’s corn chowder, with modifications. Homemade applesauce. Pork souvlaki. Homemade bread, and garlic bread from it. An awesome avocado corn salsa. And then we went to my Mom’s for an overnight, where I broke my finger walking down stairs holding on to the hand rail – it just flew out at one of the fasteners and jammed back into itself. Good times. My son woke up with a nightmare that someone was taking him, and insisted on crawling into my tiny twin bed with me in my Mom’s guest bed, so then I couldn’t sleep, as there wasn’t really room to, and I kept feeling like I was falling out. So that was fun.

Sunday was more cooking, and of course being awoken at 3:30 a.m. after D had a horror-film style nosebleed. So yesterday was All The Laundry and more cooking, including yet another fight with pizza dough. It just never works out to my liking, making pizza at home, and I end up just scraping off the top and eating that, which is fine.

I only got to the gym once but I did some other workout things and a little yoga. I also bought a night boot to wear specifically to deal with plantar fasciitis – my foot has improved, but it’s making my lower leg really sore on the outside, which I suspect is due to muscle weakness, which contributes to the underlying fascia problem. Must work on that. I’ve started back on the weight machines at the gym and am trying hard not to overdo it so that I don’t become more/re-injured. But my PT stuff doesn’t seem to be doing much anymore and I feel I need to increase the resistance, and the best place to do that is the gym. I also tend to start heading indoors for exercise once it starts to feel like Fall. If I don’t get used to going IN somewhere to exercise, I pretty much quit exercising once it gets cold, because I really hate the cold so, so much. I sometimes get a wild hair and bundle up and go outside for a walk around the lake in the winter, but it’s always so icy that it’s treacherous, especially when you are clumsy like me, and I really, really don’t need any more broken bones.

My co-worker is out all week which means I will be doing ALL the work here, which is not a happy thing. I have a long rehearsal tonight and tech later this week, and Pandemonium is Saturday so it’s going to be a race to the finish in terms of my energy and stamina. At least we have free coffee at work, of which I will avail myself mightily these next few days.

I need to see my Mom more. Am going to try to get over there for dinner once a week or so if possible. Without anyone coming over, she lets herself and her house go, and it’s really not good for her. I also enjoy her company and would like to see her without my hyper, screaming child interrupting us every 30 seconds. I love the boy but damn, he is a lot of work.  I was so stressed in the middle of the pizza thing last night and he just would NOT quit talking over me and interrupting and I finally shouted out what I had to say at the top of my lungs. Which, if you know me, and I most of you do, is really, really fucking loud and he just STOPPED, kind of freaked out. Which was fine by me. He WILL learn, if it kills me. I swear, the table manners thing is such a fucking challenge. “Sit proper. Sit facing forward. Stop banging your fork. Face forward. Stop kicking. Don’t put that in your cup.” It’s like every meal is an endless litany of me harping on him. I really don’t like to harp, but what choice do I have? When the fuck will he get it? And then he surprises me in ways that touch me. He got some new shoes yesterday, which he desperately needed as I just KNEW he had outgrown all his current ones, including the ones I just bought a couple of months ago, and he was so excited at having new shoes that he begged me to sleep in them, which I allowed. He insisted on wearing the little nylon socks home that they gave him at the shoe store, and insisted on wearing the same socks to school today with his new shoes, which I allowed (but sent a pair of real socks along as well, because those nylon pieces of shit last about 10 minutes before they tear).

He came out of his room this morning at about 5am and climbed up onto the couch with me. “Mama,” he said, “I missed you and I want to snuggle.” He encircled his arm around mine and stuck his feet between my folded legs and went almost instantly back to sleep. I will miss that when it goes.


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