Life continues apace

I am drowning in a huge project at work that is set to end this week. It’s been majorly stressful and I can’t hardly get any of my other hundred million job-related tasks done because of it. As these things tend to go, I got assigned another such project before this one was even close to over, so those things that have been waiting for me to get to them will have to wait even longer.

It’s already been a frustrating and tiring week, and it’s only Wednesday. I really thought I was going to be able to take an actual trip somewhere, all by myself, and get away from Ohio for a little bit, but stars have not aligned that way. Frequent flyer miles are insufficient, money is scarce, various appointments are booked that would prevent me from leaving for at least a couple of months anyway, and it’s all very disappointing, as the thought of AWAY, ALONE, something I have not been in literally years and years, is very appealing.

Rehearsal tonight, which I am looking forward to, as the creative process breaks my brain away from Horrible Project Think. Tomorrow night, if things go well, I am meeting a friend for happy hour, which is even better. And Friday immediately after work, I have an appointment that could hopefully lead to at least some freelance work, possibly more than that, won’t know until I go. Saturday will be spent with the boy, and that night, I am meeting a small group of close friends for dinner out, which I desperately need and am very much looking forward to that. Sunday is more rehearsal, and then maybe a free theater thing that night. However, all this activity is exhausting. Going and doing something almost every night is very draining in a way I don’t remember it being not that long ago. I feel like a grumpy old woman. Oy, my feet, my back, my knees. How the joints in my hands ache and my head hurts. I don’t know how I did it in my 20s. I was constantly in shows, working a FT job, going to rehearsal every night and often even out for drinks after. One of a thousand ways in which I miss the younger me sometimes. The older me is doing ok, and I love her too, but I miss that younger one’s abilities, stamina, looks and energy.


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