And, they’re off!

Car is all packed. I just have to stop at home late this afternoon and pick up the picnic dinner and then pick up the kid at school, and then we’re on our way.

I’m an overpacker. I try all the time to pack less, but I’m one of those people that always likes to be prepared for any situation, so I end up packing a ton of stuff. I forgot my yoga mat, which I will get when I stop home, because at least I can do that, if I can’t convince the kid to go to the workout room with me. I wish sometimes he was one of those kids you could plop down somewhere with toys or crayons and they would just play, but he never has been, and never will be. This would also be easier if he had a sibling, but that wasn’t in the cards either, so it’s Mom Mom Mom all the way. Which is fine.

I tried to convince him to bring his workbooks so we could work on his writing/letters, which are pretty much atrocious, but I could see that if I brought them, it would just be a battle I would not win in trying to get him to do it. The kid can reason like a 10-year old and negotiate like a used car salesman, but trying to get him to work on his writing at home is harder than cleaning the Augean Stables. I did buy a few special snacks for the trip that are a little junkier than our normal food – cheez its and potato chips, and a lot of bottled Starbucks drinks for mommy. And I bought him a small electronic Lightning McQueen thing at Kmart that not only teaches you letters, but spelling, numbers, etc. through games. He had a simpler version of this as a big, plastic apple a while ago, but got bored with it. This has a lot more games and hopefully is more appealing. He’s just starting to figure out how to use it so I don’t know how much he’ll be able to use it in the car, but we’ll see. Hopefully that won’t get flung out the window in a construction zone.

I went outside and talked to my special tree last night, once I was done with all the shopping, the packing, the online chat with a Tivo rep to figure out why youtube videos weren’t working, and various other irritants. As a pagan, the earth is my god (or goddess, to be precise) and trees the arms of the earth reaching out to protect me, cleanse my air, make me feel happy to be alive. I gave an offering to the tree and talked a little about my hopes for the trip, particularly those of good health and safety, which are really the most important.

I look forward to touching that tree again Monday night, my bare feet on the moss and dirt, inhaling the clean air.


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