Frugality, creativity

With everything that was going on with my Mom, and then with my own health over the past few weeks, I didn’t prepare properly for the trip to WI by transferring some money over from savings to cover the costs of travel. Gas, hotel, and LOTS of toll charges all hit at once and so I’m overdrawn the night before I usually go grocery shopping, and payday isn’t until Tuesday. Can’t get anything transferred over from savings until Monday, so plans for tonight and most plans for this weekend have been cancelled or changed to accommodate. I do have $40 in cash so at least I can get the laundry done, but I cancelled happy hour with a friend, and we’ll have to skip the pow-wow in Loudonville this year, but that’s ok.

I had a tiny amount of credit on one credit card, and went to the grocery and carefully shopped for what could stretch and complement what I have in the pantry and the fridge to get us through the weekend without having to live on pasta. I am no stranger to shopping this way, but do it less often since I usually have more to spend on groceries. I bought a local cabbage and some local radishes, which were very cheap. I bought a small cottage ham for protein and flavoring of things. A big onion, a couple of potatoes. Some frozen veg that was a good sale price. A green pepper, a plum, and I had a rewards coupon for a free, whole watermelon, which will go well with some hard, mild cheese I have at home for a nice dessert. A few other things and only $25, not bad for a weekend’s worth of groceries. I’m going to make baguettes; tonight if I can get the energy, so we have some bread. I’ve not much in the freezer except a lot of broth cubes and chicken soup, which is reserved for illnesses, so it’s going to be a lot of beans the next few days. I think I have some veggie burgers up there. I’ll make it work. And will do this more often – shopping from my own pantry, and buying frugally every other trip.

I went out for a run tonight, which is free. I really need to remember to do my inhaler before I exercise. I love, love, love the heat, but my lungs do not, and slogging through 3 miles in 82-degree heat was tough. I’ll stretch, have some din and maybe the baguettes if there is energy, or in the morning if there is not.

I finally got something really, really right at my job, and got a great email about it, which made my day. I also got to see an old friend/old boss for lunch, and it was really great to see him; I was his first employee way back in 1995 or so when I started there, and now he has 25 employees, including his son, who was like 12 when I worked there, and is now married with children. My, my, how time does fly.

I really want to type up all the stuff I’ve been writing, but wrestle with whether or not I should try to tackle learning how to work Final Cut properly to write it up properly, or just do it in Word, which would be quicker in a way, but not, if I have to go back and edit it, which is almost a sure thing. And my back is so tight. I need to stretch and just relax. I had a busy week, a productive week, and a week that included big thinking and complex decisions. Now I’m drawing in. I want to just be quiet a while. There is a lot to think about.


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